Human system. For example, a tribe needs

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Human societies and systems are a very complex and interesting topic, however if you were to look at most succesful social systems, there is one thing they share in common: the biggest point of all of these systems is to provide and supply the needs of the population who is a part of that system. For example, a tribe needs a way to get food and create shelter as the people within the tribe need to eat and get out of any harmful weather. This act of sharing and cooperation is essential to create a society where everyone gets what they need.What we define as a good social system can dramatically change whether or not capitalism is a good system. Let’s assume that we say a good social system is one that provides the essentials and a relatively equal chance for everyone. In this aspect, capitalism is extremely close to the opposite of what a succesful society is. There are many potential points one could make to defend capitalism at this point but keep reading as I am positive that mostof them will undoubtedly be covered.One thing that almost everyone can agree on is the fact that capitalism is not organised to supply essentials and meet the basic needs of those who participate in it. Capitalism is definitely not the only social ideology where this is true however, it is undoubtedly the most relevant as it dominates the world and the majority of countries in the world has many capitalist ideologies. The main point of the system is to allow individual people to produce certain things that allow them to maximise their own personal wealth. What happens to the rest of the people who don’t get an opportunity to do this is pushed aside and deemed irrelevant.For these reasons, when an extremely small minority of the people claim a large majority of the wealth or when billions of people lack a fair chance to the race we call life and when people lack the correct nutrition or education in any part of life, the system is simply doing exactly what is was designed to do. I find it hysterical that millions of people support such a system where a small minority are encouraged to live a lavish and “happy” lifestyle in the expense of others. Nonetheless, this where we find ourselves, blindly following what everyone else does, unable to think for ourselves, following some sort of good looking insanity that completely revolves around unsupportable and irrelevant arguments and assumptions.There is no point in sharing the negatives of something if you are unable to give an alternative. However, there are many alternatives to capitalism (and don’t worry, as good as it is theoretically, communism is not one of the alternatives)Everything I have said up until this point leads to one question: What social/political/economical system do we use instead of capitalism.

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