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Published by admin on used: BEBESUP, buy BEBESUP, BEBESUP Singapore, baby wipes box sets online, baby products onlineWipes for your little ones by BEBESUPBabies have a very sensitive skin as it is still in the process of development and has not grown used to the external environment like that of adults. Parents need to take special care when it comes to their baby’s skin and this Korean brand brings to you the wide range of wipes specially designed for the babies. Be it a newborn or a toddler, these wipes are absolutely safe for use and come in a variety of options so that parents can choose as per their requirements. These wipes contain no synthetic fragrances, alcohol, phthalates, parabens etc. which could cause harm to the sensitive skin of the baby. They are made with 100% cotton fibre which makes them ultra soft for application. You can buy BEBESUP wipes from the collection easily accessible online on Lazada and be stress free when it comes to cleaning your child even in the absence of water. The wipes can be used for face, hands and all over the body without any worries of rashes.There are several brands offering wipes in the market but most of them either contain harmful additives or the wipes come to be a lot more expensive than one common man can afford. These wipes have been designed keeping the needs of babies in mind while being affordable at the same time. They are no luxury and every baby deserves the best products which have been designed keeping their needs in perspective. The company has also received the awards for its wipes which is a first in Korea. The high quality and presence of anti-inflammatory, regeneration, skin stabilisers help in the elasticity properties. The surface of the wipes is a little embossed for softer feel while they have a thick and soft feel due to the presence of 60gsm count. You can explore the range of these baby wipes box sets online and order the choice of product which will be delivered to your doorstep thus saving you time as well as money at once.The right choice for your baby: BEBESUP in SingaporeThe wipes come with super food formula i.e almonds, oranges and blueberries, the extracts of which act as active skin vitalising ingredients as they contain skin friendly properties. The products are perfectly safe for use for babies as they have been tested in the laboratories set up by the company and a number of stringent testing mechanisms ensure that the products are perfectly safe for the use. These also come in travel friendly packs which easily fit into your handbags or the baby’s diaper bag. Designed and manufactured by the company itself, they are perfect for the sensitive skin even for the adults. You can place orders for these packs of wipes on Lazada which offers the best baby products online along with nationwide free shipping and 14-days free returns on all products to make your shopping experience a convenient one.Why choose BEBESUP? • Specially designed for the sensitive skin • Do not contain any kinds of harmful chemicals including synthetic fragrances and alcohol • Use of super food formula to provide active ingredients healthy for the skin

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