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I have always liked HP computers especially when it comes to dealing with graphics and other its aspects. These machines can deliver different kinds of services and rarely let someone down.

Going by the fact that HP computers are very common and used by many people, it is prudent to say that many people consider them as highly necessary. This essentially means that they are among the best if not the number one among various computer brands in existence today. The paper is a persuasive essay, which argues that HP computers are far much better than other computer brands.

HP is the Leading Computer Brand

There are many brands of computers in the market today each claiming to be the best. While there are clearly a number of strong and established brands, there must be a clear leader in the pack. To me, that leader is HP computers. One needs not to look far for evidence of this, HP computers currently take the lion share of computer sales worldwide.

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They are found in offices, institutions and homes all over the globe. This is a manifestation of their superior quality that has enabled consumers to accept them at such a huge scale. Compared to a brand like Sony which has extensive penetration in the electronics business worldwide, HP stands out in terms of personal computers.

In one of their adverts featuring music star Jay-Z, HP depicts the computer as being personal. That is, it does so many things be it business or social activities. On the other hand, an advert featuring Indian Actress Kareena Kapoor for the laptop VAIO X series depicst the computer as sexy and physically appealing. Comparing the two, HP makes more sense as computers are about performance and not necessarily appearances.

Just to give an example, one particular brand that has earned HP respect is the Pavilion Elite HPE-180t that works best for me. Like other HP computers, it comes with a voluminous storage memory. This gives it an edge in performance of many tasks compared to other computer models.

Memory has been one aspect that has kept HP in the lead as a lot of research has gone into developing HP memory. This means HP computers can hold great amount of data in the safest possible manner and safeguard it from being corrupted. With this knowledge, a HP user can have complete peace of mind and still get the maximum output from their computer (Mishra, Para 1).

Apart from computer sales,HP as a company also offers a wide range of support services. The company manufactures many other products that are used together with their computers providing for seamless compatibility. This has the advantage of providing people with a complete answer to their information technology needs. Of course, other companies producing different brands also provide an array of support equipment but none matches the scale at which HP does it.

Another advantage of HP is that the company gives buyers the choice to buy directly from them and even ship the product free of charge. With this age of imitations, it is easy to get genuine HP computers as a result. While it is true that different brands have more or less the same features, the extra services given to farmers and choice is crucial in determining the best brand.

The wide range of computer models that HP boasts gives computer users the freedom to choose a model that works best for them and clearly, from the person using the computer for simple personal chores to the professional requiring super machines, HP has the answer.


Clearly, the computer industry is filled with many strong brands that offer many innovations all the time. While this is commendable, it is apparent that HP has stood out as the greatest computer brand recently.

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