How Different head scarves in different religions.

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How and why has
modest wear evolved and entered the mainstream during the past 5 years?



In this essay I will be talking about
the modest wear in Islam for women’s wear which is going on trend in the British
culture. As it Is my culture background I also want to talk about how modesty
wear has been used in the Islamic culture as well as for head scarves which
there many hijabi and modest clothing line have been everywhere in the
mainstream. There are many fashion trends of modest wear in this country which
has been abroad and the revolution of modest wear has changed over the past 5
years. I have looked at many Muslim bloggers/youtubers which inspires me from
modest wear/hijabs/look books and the different culture background. But not
only it is for Muslim women’s who can dress modesty there are other culture who
also dress modesty such as: Nuns (Christianity), Jewish orthodox, and Victorian
era. I will be adding 4 chapters into my essay and they are separated in
categories by bullet point as my content page which are:

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Chapter 1: ‘How has the modest wear changed over the 5 years?’

The historic background about the Islamic culture in modesty dress and
the hijab,

Verses of the Quran about the modesty in Islam of women.

Different head scarves in different religions.

How the hijab and modest wear changed over 5 years ago, the design,
colour, texture and pattern used to be in trend back then and same with the

Chapter 2: ‘in what ways do modest wear come into
the western cultures?’

Compare to western side of modesty – Christianity nuns, Jewish, Amish,
Victorians, Buddhist.

What do the western people think of modest wear and feel about them?

How western people think of wearing the Islamic clothing as modest wear,
long dresses, skirts, kimono, kaftan, loose clothing.

Chapter 3: ‘How has the modest wear evolved in the
mainstream in the British culture?’

How it’s entered the mainstream – Adverts, Bloggers, Designers, Stores,
Exhibitions, Events.

world hijab day and women history day in march. Pictures of fashion show
you went to as primary research. – consumer’s opinions on modest clothing and
hijab when wearing them and how they feel towards it. 

Chapter 4: ‘What
are the society and the politics saying about the modest wear/hijabs in the British
country or worldwide?’

Society and politics – world wide, UK ban and celebrities’ reaction of
what they are saying about the modest wear/hijabs.

Promoting or forcing one’s own political views among other people in
modest wear/hijabs. The judging? Critising on other Muslim woman’s clothing for
modesty or hijabs.

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