4. occasion, my family has fixed a small

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4. After a long wait, the fulfilment of my wish has taken place. In obeisance to God and thank Him for his ample blessings he has showered upon me, I am performing a ____________ (Festival Name).

5. I have been bestowed the honour by ____________ (Name) / State Government /Government of India/ ____________ (Academy Name) for my outstanding contribution. To commemorate this occasion, my family has fixed a small get-together for close friends without whose good wishes and support my achievement would not have been possible.

6. I am delighted to inform you that my daughter has made it to the IAS cadre. To celebrate her success, I invite you on.

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7. I humbly invite you to mark/commemorate the Golden Marriage Anniversary of my parents.

8. In honour of the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of ____________ (Name), their sons and daughters request the pleasure of your company at ____________ (Time).

9. It is my pleasure to invite you to the (Fair Name) organized by ____________ (Name), on ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Place).

10. The Managing Committee of ____________ (Club Name) requests the pleasure of your company to a cultural evening at FICCI Auditorium on ____________ (Date) for the benefit of cancer patients.

11. My precious grandson/grand-daughter has set his/her tiny steps in his/her native country for the first time. We are hosting dinner in his/her honour on_________ to celebrate this charming event.

12. Ghazal maestro ____________ (Name) has graciously agreed to give is performance at my residence for a few of my esteemed guests. I invite you_________________

13. You are welcome to enjoy soul-stirring music and sway to melodies of ____________ (Name) on ____________Date.

Close on the Favourable note i.e. insisting on participation

1. Please do join us with your family.

2. Your attendance is sincerely desired/solicited.

3. I welcome you with all my hearts so, do join in.

4. Would you oblige me by coming a little early and lending a helping hand?

5. We all expect you to be definitely here so doing oblige us.

6. Kindly extend my invitation to your parents too. I look forward to meet them.

7. I expect you to grace this auspicious occasion with your presence.

8. Hopeful of meeting your wife and children on this occasion.

9. We will be charmed and delighted by your presence.

There may be many other functions, ceremonies or social gatherings which may need Invitations to be send.

Functions and ceremonies may be ____________ ceremony, Christening ceremony, ____________ ceremony, ____________ceremony, Tonsure, success of a loved one like commissioning in the Army, selection in IAS, etc. return of a believed from foreign etc. any religious celebration, a cultural event, fetes and melas concert or show etc.

Social gatherings include lunches or dinners hosted in honour of someone, Tea parties, Cocktails, Garden Parties, Weekend Parties, Bridge Parties, Card Parties, and Club Parties and so on.

Though one should be able to formulate these letters by a little ingeneration in the text of previous invitations, yet for convenience some starting/closing lines are mentioned below to mark all these occasions.

Function and Ceremonies

Social Gatherings

Staring Lines

1. Would you and ____________ (Name) like to play Bridge this Saturday afternoon? The Talwars and Mehtas are coming.

2. I am having a group of friends for luncheon this Friday and then spend the afternoon playing cards. Here’s your chance to meet ____________ (Name) too, so do come.

3. Here’s the change in season and a wonderful time to pep up life in the company of long lost friends, gossip and cocktail.

4. I have asked some friends to come for tea on ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Time). Will you kindly join us?

5. All our college/club/society friends are “coming for tea on ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Time). I hope you can join us.

6. Our garden has never been as lovely as it is now! All the flowers are in full bloom and the grass lavish green and the trees abloom with sprightly gulmohars. Let all us friends have tea together in the lawns and enjoy magnificent gifts of nature.

The Cordial close

1. We are looking forward to seeing you.

2. Please try your best to make it.

3. Samarth and me are looking forward to seeing you, so don’t disappoint us.

4. Its such a long time since we last met. So please do come.

5. I hope you are not too busy not to be able to make it.

6. Do attend if you can – it promises to be a most interesting/entertaining/captivating/enthralling afternoon.

7. You simply must see what a beautiful display of lilies and roses we have this year!

8. The bloom of my garden invites you.


1. Sample Letter of Informal Invitation for Wedding

(Dear Name),

Dear Mr. and Mrs. (Name),

You will be happy to learn that our daughter, ____________ (Name) is engaged to ____________ (Name), a captain in the army. ____________ (Name) parents are well-known to us since we served together in the Indian Embassy in Rome ____________ (Years) ago.

____________ (Name) is a handsome, moustached (Footer No) ____________ a suitable match for our fiery daughter. Both are avid tennis player too.

The wedding has been fixed for ____________ (Date), the best time of the year in ____________ (Place Name). We are planning a trip with the guest to ____________ (Place Name) and ____________ (Place Name).

Please do come for the wedding. Let us know in advance, if you wish us to make arrangements for return reservations.

With love to your children,

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Acceptance of Informal Wedding Invitation (Informal reply)

(Dear Name),

Dear Mr. and Mrs. (Name),

Firstly, take our hearty congratulation for getting the wonderful match for ____________ (Name). Your daughter deserved a strong built army man only.

As ____________ (Name) herself is very beautiful as well as a boastful girl, a man of her potential can only handle her.

I have already planned to attend the wedding and made my reservation for this purpose.

Let us know if anything you want from ____________ (Place Name) or any help you need at present.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Other Informal Wedding Invitations

(i) A new chapter begins in my life, when (Name) becomes my wedded wife. So, please come and stand by our side, on the occasion which does not come twice.

Awaiting your presence ____________

Programme ____________

(ii) The sun rises and celebrates, The sky embraces and celebrates, Wind blows and celebrates, River flows and celebrates, Bird sings and celebrates, Peacock dances and celebrates, Flower blooms and celebrates, Do join us as we smile and celebrate our WEDDING.

Anticipating your presence (Name)

2. An Informal Invitation to Week-end Party


Dear (Name)

May I have the pleasure of your company on ____________ (Days), ____________ (Month), at____________ (Time)? We have planned an informal small dance and dinner party. Mrs. Soon and 1 would very much like you to join us in the fun and food.

We hope you are not pre-occupied on that evening, and so look forward to meet you. It has been since long that we have had such a party and enjoyment.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Formal Invitation to Dinner (Format)


Mr. and Mrs. ____________ (Name) request the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. ____________ (Name) ____________ (Company Name).

At a dinner and dance party on ____________ (Days), the ____________ (Date).

(Address) at (Time)

3. Formal Acceptance of the Above


Mr. and Mrs. (Name)

Nice invitation to a dinner and dance party on____________ (Days),

On (Date)

(Address) at (Time)

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