It Name) at the end of this month.

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It seems such a long time since you left ____________ (Place Name), can it only be a year. It doesn’t seem possible when I think of all that happened here and all the brilliant, exciting things you have accomplished in ____________ (Academy Name) Academy.

Oh, yes I know all the wonderful things you have done, even though you are modest in your letters! I’ve heard all about the states championship basketball tournament you represented on behalf of your school and won many matches. I know this year you have also been qualified for nationals. I really wish you every success. You’ve certainly made a big stir in the one year you’ve been in ____________ (Academy Name). We are all very proud of you, here in ____________ (Place Name)! we all admire your dual personality, being brilliant in two different fields. Your being best in sports and brilliancy in academies make us feel proud as well as jealous a bit (just joking) but believe me, you are becoming our role model day by day. Now for news of our mutual friends ____________(Name), ____________(Name), ____________(Name), ____________(Name), all conveyed greetings to you. Do you remember that ____________(Name) who used to perform Belle. She has been selected for gymnastic this year, which is going to be held in ____________ (Place Name) at the end of this month.

____________ (Name) has failed this year, as a result he left our school and went to the other. ____________(Name)had an accident last week which was quite serious, but now she is recovering well. ____________(Name)is ever busy in her paintings, she asked for your address and said she would write to you.

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Remember that last bench guy, the wild one who always gets into trouble? Well, he’s the town hero now! As he saved the life of our peon son, one day he was crossing the road at that same time a truck was coming, ____________ (Name) saw him on the road, and immediately lifted him from the road thus saving his life.

But I suppose this all sounds very small and provincial to you, now that you are a big career girl in ____________ (Academy Name)! No, that isn’t fair. I know your heart is still in ____________ (Place Name) and that you miss your old friends as much as we all miss you.

Well, ____________ (Name), it was great hearing from you; I enjoyed your letter more than I can say. I hope you will write soon again. And don’t forget! I want to know all about the matches you are going to play at nationals.

With good wishes,

Affectionately yours,
(Your Name)

2. Sample Letter to a Friend who is Undergoing Depression


Dear (Receiver Name),

I received you letter dated ____________, today in the after­noon and while going through the letter, I could imagine your mental state of having lost a job. How’s Bhabi and the children? First of all let me tell you that need not worry about the job. You are a highly capable and qualified per­son and very soon you will land yourself in a decent job, but before that check the credentials of the company and do not repeat the mistake of joining a fraud organisation. Do not let the family be affected by your mental condi­tion. Keep a cool head.

If you are interested to work in ____________ (Place Name), let me know as the chances of a bright future can­not be found in ____________ (Place Name). In the meanwhile, if you need some finance, do not hesitate to tell me frankly. After all, we have been friends right from school time. Try to come down to ____________ (Place Name) for a week along with your family, as it is vacation time for the children. An outing will do you a lot of good. Remember after all friends are for such times. Looking forward to your visit to ____________ (Place Name).

Forever Yours,
(Sender Name)

3. Sample Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Join You at a Trip to (Place Name)


Dear dear (Name),

Have not heard from you for long. How is it? You seem to have got all lost. Should I send some ‘Lost and Found’, notice to the newspaper? Of course, not that. Must be keeping busy after your affairs at home since your father got unwell. You did inform me on phone that day that he was now well. It was just when you had reached home — two months back. Hope that he would now be perfectly well. It was just two days back that ____________ (Name) and ____________ (Name) were with me. They have planned a short week-long trip to ____________ (Place Name). They have already made arrangements of stay etc. there. They are keen that you also joined in this trip. That would be a good fun — all of us together for a week. We would do some hiking, some sightseeing around ____________ (Place Name) there are places of picnic which are enjoyable. Let me know immediately — rather phone up and confirm. I am sure you would — won’t you? It would really be nice company if you are also there. I shall so eagerly await your message.

Convey my regards to your Papa and Mummy.

All the best —

Yours as ever
(Your Name)

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