Where water struck us on the face, even

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Where we stayed?

By 10 AM we were in Mussorie and as I stepped out of the taxi, the first thing that struck me was the cool refreshing breeze. This was a welcome change from the hot loo we had just left behind. Scampering with our baggage we set forth to the tourist lodge, which was a distance away from ‘The Mall’. By the time we reached the place we were panting for breath, but were unmindful of the exhaustion.

What did we do and see?

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No sooner had we got fresh, we were ready to venture out again. As my cousin was familiar with the place, we decided to go to Gun Hill top by trolley. The trolley ride was indeed measurable for the scenic beauty down below was breathtaking. Once atop the hill we set about exploring the place, which was a tourist delight. We saw tastefully done up stalls of eatables items. The spirit of merrymaking and laughter filled the air. We also joined in the fun and got or ourselves photographed as Gabbar Singh, the legendry tinsel dacoit. By the time we returned to our lodge it was dark.

Our return

The next day we set out for Kempty Fall that is half an hour drive from Mussorie. The scene at the waterfall was indeed mesmerizing. Small droplets of water struck us on the face, even though we were standing a distance away. The place was swarming with tourists and the children were having a whale of a time, in little pools of water besides the waterfall. Their merrymaking was so infectious, that we also joined in the fun and got drenched. Luckily we had brought our clothes, so after a quick change, we sat down for a sumptuous lunch at one of the tastefully done up restaurants .We were by now tired with exhaustion and therefore decided to return, for we had also to do packing for our departure the next morning.


I now appreciate why poets and authors get their inspiration from nature, that is in abundance on these picturesque mountains. While they have the gift of conveying their sentiments, in prose or poetry, normal mortals like me can only get moved. It was with a heavy heart that we began our journey home next morning, bidding farewell to the mountains. However, in making a solemn promise, to one day again return for a longer stay in the lap of nature.

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