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Not heard from you for pretty long. How is it? Why should you fall into a stupor as occasionally as about writing letters? I await it and feel happy in getting it. Anything new happening to you? As for me, I keep enjoying my stay in ____________ (Place Name). Ever since I came here ____________ (Name) takes care that he makes my stay enjoyable. So he took me to the ____________ (Fair Name) which was this time specially organized on the banks of the ____________ (River Name) River. It was all such an enjoyable experience. The whole vast area was beautifully illuminated and stalls of all variety had been set up. The most enjoyable part was a magic show put up by a known magician of ____________ (Place Name). The tricks that he displayed were really amazing. He took the wrist watch of one from the audience and in the sight of all he threw it in the ____________ (River Name) , just on the bank of which the show was arranged. The man whose watch had been thrown looked so disturbed, but then the magician asked him to search his own pockets. He searched this and that and to his great surprise, it was there in the inner pocket of his coat. Everyone felt so amazed. What this trick was nobody could know.

There were the acrobats performing hair-raising feats; there were group dancers from the rural areas presenting colorful dances. Then there were the boat races arranged by the boat club. There was so much of cheering, so much of clapping and it was a sight to see. The winners were presented with the silver replica of a boat. But you know, I have a weakness for sweets. ____________ (Name), the noted sweet-seller of ____________ (Place Name) had set up a beautifully arranged stall. I enjoyed his ‘Kulfi’ and Falooda — it was really a delicious delicacy. Then there were the fire-works competition and it was a spectacle work seeing. Competitors had come from far and wide and that was a marvellous show. The mela lasted for the whole night and can you imagine, we returned home practically when it was day break. The lights all along the banks of the river which has flickered and dazzled all might were now looked dimmer with the first rays of the sun rising on the horizon. My visit to ____________ (Place Name) this time has been really enjoyable.

How is everything else with you?

Do convey my regards to your papa and mummy.

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