Its very, very good morning here in ____________

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Its very, very good morning here in ____________ (Place Name). The Sun is powering in my windows; the air is crisp and frosty outside; and there’s a bright haze on the hills for miles around. I thought of you first thing, when I saw a beautiful day it was, for its just kind of a perfect Autumn morning you love.

So here I am writing to you, instead of attending to the dozens of things that need to be done. But let them wait! I feel like “visiting” you this morning, and telling you all the news and for once I’m going to obey that impulse.

The baby is just ten months old today. He’s really adorable and doesn’t give me any trouble at all.

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Right now he’s sound asleep in his crib with that cute rattle you sent him and the sweetest, most mysterious smile on his face! I wish you could see him.

Have you heard about ____________ (Name) and young doctor ____________ (Doctor Name)? They are going to be married next month. You should see the adorable house they are building out near ____________ (Lake Name)! Mary is such a flighty little thing.

I just can’t picture her, a doctor’s wife. But may be, she will settle down and become more serious, now that she’s going to be married.

How about spending a weekend with us in ____________ (Place Name), while the weather is still so heavenly? ____________ (Name) and I would love to have you, (Name).

And don’t give us that line about being too busy! You work too hard for your own good, and you really owe it to yourself to take a little vacation now and then.

Besides, we want to show off our young son and heir. He has acquired two new teeth and lot of fuzzy new hair since you saw him last — to say nothing of the most angelic smile this side of heaven! So come and see him, and us. Come and enjoy some of this brisk Autumn weather, away from the dusty city! You name the date, and we will welcome you with open arms. Love from all of us and regards to ____________ (Name).

Yours ever,
(Your Name)

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