4. We desire our consignment to be

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4. Will you please arrange the following to be insured at the earliest. 5. We desire our consignment to be covered all-risk, the details of which we leave upon you. 6. We request you to urgently make insurance in the style and name of M/s for their goods in transit.

7. Please send your representative at the earliest to advise us on the insurance plans. 8. Kindly sent us the charges for insurance of our consignment from Mumbai to Kathmandu.

Give details regarding price

1. The invoice value of the consignment is ____________ (Amount) 2. The goods are valued at ____________ (Amount) 3. You may have to assess the value of our property, stock and machinery.

Intimating Damage by fire/Theft Start

1. We have been the victims of a terrible fire that broke last night. 2.

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A devastating fire caused by unknown factors has reduced our machinery to ashes. 3. Fire caused havoc in our area late last night around ____________(time). and our building has been razed to ground. 4. A burglary has occurred in our house and the loss seems to be much. 5. This is to report that my car had been stolen yesterday.

6. Much of my consignment seems to have been stolen while in transit. 7.

I wish to apply for a claim as a theft in my house occurred while we were away on vacations.

Give an estimate of loss/other details

8. Kindly have your officer sent for appraisal. 9.

The damage/loss seems to the extent of ____________ (Amount). 10. Our entire floor has been gutted into the fire. 11. All our goods have been destroyed. 12.

All our stock has been reduced to ashes. 13. The loss seems to be to the extent of ____________ (Amount). 14. The Registration No. of my car was ____________ (Car No.

). 15. One T.V. Set, Jewellery amounting to ____________ (Amount) 1 Mircowave Oven and one Music system apparently seems to be stolen.

Give instructions for furtherance of the Matter


Please send you’re to accost the loss. 17. Kindly have the process of claim be initiated. 18. Please have the assessment done immediately. 19. We shall be grateful if you arrange for our compensation.

1. Letter regarding to the Inquiry for Insurance

From(Your Name)(Address)(Date) To,(The Manager)(Insurance company Name)(Address) Dear Sir, We wish to insure our property, stocks and machinery against risks of fire, theft and damage caused by calamities like floods, earthquakes, short circuits etc. Please send us your lowest quotations. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

2. Enquiring About Insurance Rates

FromThe Manager,(Company Name)(Company Address)(Date) To(Insurance Company Name)(Address) Dear Sir, We are enclosing a list of stock and assets in our godowns and office and we wish to have their insured against all risks. We shall be glad to have your rates. Yours faithfullyProprietor

Reply From the Insurance Company

FromThe Manager(Insurance Company Name)(Address) ToThe Proprietor,(Company Name)(Company Address) Dear Sirs, We thank you for your letter dated ____________, and have pleasure in enclosing our rate card.

The yearly premium payable on your stock and assets is ____________ (Amount). We hope to receive your cheque, soon. Yours faithfully, (Manager Name)(Insurance Company Name)

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