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Dear Sir, This has reference to your advertisement of ____________ (Date) in ____________ (Place Name) Daily regarding appointment of stockiest/agent for your washing machine ‘Unique’ and we are pleased to send the following for your perusal: 1. That we can offer a cash security of ____________ (Amount). 2.

That we can guarantee an annual sale of ____________ (Amount). 3. That we have an excellent showroom in ____________ (Place Name), the most popular business centre. Its measurement is ____________ft x ____________ft.

Besides this, we have showrooms in all major cities in ____________ (Place Name). 4. We shall pay all bills in ____________ days. 5.

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We shall receive goods F.O.R. and any loss arising at any stage until receipt shall be borne by you. 6.

We shall expect a minimum commission of ____________% and an additional ____________% where our sales exceed ____________ (Amount). 7. We shall work as exclusive distributors in ____________ (Place Name). 8.

We shall be entitled to all special offers you might make from time to time and our percentage of commission shall not be affected under any circumstance whatsoever. 9. We are at liberty to sell any product similar to that of yours as long as the minimum annual sale of your product of ____________ (Amount) is maintained.

10. All publicity material including price lists in our name shall be supplied to us at your cost. 11. All our orders shall be executed within ____________ days of their receipts. ____________ (Bank Name), ____________ (Place Name) will be glad to give you any information you may like to have about our financial status.

We hope that the above information will convince you fully for appointing us as your sole distributor for ____________ (Place Name). We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanking you Yours faithfully,(Your Name)(Company Name)Managing Partner

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