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Name: Ismael Mercado Topic: Weight Loss Purpose: Explain how to lose weight rapidly Thesis: How to lose 30 pounds in 40 days by using a combination of Diet, Exercise, & Pills. Creditability: I am creditable because I have done extensive research on this subject. I’ve read the (600 page book) the 4hour body, reviewed the last 12 issues of Men’s Health, and seen the Documentaries Food, and Food matters Hello class my name is Ismael Mercado, I am here today to talk about weight loss. I am going to explain how you can lose 30 pounds in 40 days by using a combination of Diet, Exercise, & Pills.

I am creditable because I have done extensive research on this subject. I’ve read the (600 page book) the 4hour body, reviewed the last 12 issues of men’s Health, and seen the Documentaries Food, and Food matters and have previously used myself as a test subject. What is weight loss? Weight loss is defined as a reduction of body mass, due to loss of fluid, body fat or muscle. In the US 63% of Americans are overweight & over 26% are Obese. Being overweight and obese can cause chronic and potentially lethal illness. Some of the risk of being overweight or obese are. high blood pressure atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) ardiovascular disease stroke some cancers Type 2 diabetes (where you don’t produce enough insulin) impotence sleep aponea. How can you lose weight? Diet – consume, less calories then your burning. Exercise – physical activity that promotes muscle tone and/or cardiovascular fitness. Pills – such as vitamins, fiber, fish oils, amino acids, testosterone boosters, appetite suppressants, fat burners, Later on I will explain how by using all 3 methods at the same time you can lose weight rapidly, But first, the next step in weight loss is planing. Planing your weight loss – If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Figure out your reasons for losing weight There are many reasons to lose weight, figuring out why you want to lose weight will help you prioritize your weight loss goals Health (should be most important reason) Family (want to be there for your kids) Important event (Wedding, Date, Reunion) Desire to look or feel better. Figure out how much weight you should lose Weigh yourself Feel free to use any type of scale a. Make sure you solely use that scale. 5. Calculate your BMI a. BMI is one a simple way of calculating the amount of weight you need to lose. (REFER TO VISUAL AID) BMI = |(weight in pounds * 703 ) | |( lbs/inches? ) | | | |———————————— | | |height in inches? | |BMI |Weight Status | |Below 18. 5 |Underweight | |18. 5 -24. 9 |Normal | |25 – 29. 9 |Overweight | |30 & Above |Obese | 3. Figure out how much body fat you have. a. different ways you can calculate body fat. i. Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis 1. Sends signal through body to measure fat, this roduct has moderate accuracy and can be found at any health and fitness store for a cost of anywhere from $20- $50 dollars ii. body fat calipers 1. are inexpensive but often inaccurate, they measure the fat under the skin. i. Hydrostatic Scale 1. This extremely accurate way of calculating body fat, submerges your body in water and because fat is less dense then water the later the under water scales says you are the more fat you have. C. Track your progress. 1. Take full body, before pictures & after pictures every 2 weeks. 2. Weigh your self – once a week (only) a.

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Weighing everyday can cause loss of motivation. Keep a eating journal (write your meals down, or take a picture of your meals and label the date and time) For rapid results weight loss you should use a combination of all 3 methods of weight loss 1. 50 Percent Dieting a. people suggest a balanced diet with less calories going in then you burn. But there are ways you can eat more and still lose a large amount of weight. 2. 40 Percent Exercise a. Specific result driven exercises will allow you to drop fat rapidly and build lean muscle. . 10 Percent Pills a. Most people will tell you to stay away from pills but if used right they can help show great short term results. Now that you know how to start and what you should focus on this is actually how you can lose weight. Losing Weight. 50 Percent of your focus should be dieting. Slow Carb Diet, is based on consuming foods with low glycemic index carbs, these carbs break down glucose slowly and i keeps your blood sugar levels constant, making your less hungry through out the day. Foods to avoid on the Slow Carb Diet Avoid White Carbohydrates, Bread, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta, Cereal

These foods in combination with proteins form alloxan which has been shown to induce diabetes in lab rats. Don’t Eat Fruit. – (Tomatoes and Avocados are OK in moderation. ) Don’t Drink Calories!!! – No Soda, Juice, Liquor or White Wine. Water and Unsweetened tea, are ok 2 cups of a diet soda or Red wine also ok Foods to Eat Proteins Eggs,Chicken, Fish,Soy,Beef,Lamb & Pork Vegetables Leafy Greens, Broccoli ,asparagus etc. Beans Lentils, Black & Red Beans, Pinto & Soy beans Don’t restrict your calories, eat when hungry and eat until your full Why this diet Its easy to fallow, very filling and promotes rapid weight loss.

What happens if you feel like cheat during your diet. if your having cravings, chew a piece of sugar free gum have a spoon of all natural peanut butter. 40 Percent Exercise Go to the gym only 3 days a week Using other day as a rest day. This will allow you prevent injury and also avoid an early plateau . Work out all muscle groups. Circuit Training. Going quickly from one exercise to another with limited rest will increase your heart rate so you can avoid tedious cardiovascular exercises like the treadmill by doing circuit training you’ll be working all muscle groups as well as heart and lungs. Refer to 2nd Visual Aid – Work Out Routine) 4. Avoid working out for long periods of time. Can cause: Extreme Muscle Fatigue Injury over working your muscles does mean your going to achieve faster results. 10 Percentage Pills Different Types of pills you can take to promote weight loss. Psylum Husk, which is high in fiber Fish Oils, which can lower your blood pressure 1 ? Multivitamins Diet Pills specifically fat burners Apidexin best fat burner on market. Muscle and Hormone increasers Armatest is a popular brand

Tricks you can do to increase weight loss. Have more sex, having sex 5 times a week will release endorphins that help lower belly fat and put you in a better mood and can give you more energy. Using Ice Therapy can allow you to burn more calories during exercise, just take an ice water bath or 10 minute cold shower before working out and you will burn twice the amount of calories as a regular work out. In Conclusion by fallowing this combination of Diet, Exercise, and using Pills you can lose 30 pounds in 42 days just like I did. Thank You.

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