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2. Take care to avoid public holidays in countries to be visited.

3. Tell the most important people about the visit and try to make appointments in advance so that the visit is not spoilt by missing important customers.

4. Learn about each country before the visit, so that time is not wasted during the visit.

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5. If language will be a problem, make sure to take a good phrase book and arrange for an interpreter in each place.

6. If there is need for samples or sales literature that cannot be take because they are too heavy, have a supply sent to in advance at each place that is to be visited. But make sure they are in the appropriate language and measurements. Remember that you will have to arrange documentation to ensure getting the samples and sales literature through customs.

7. Make sure to have plenty of business cards ready to be taken, perhaps in more than one language.

8. Find out whether anyone else in the company has problems in the countries to be visited and see whether there might be any way in which to assist them.

9. Make sure to know what accounts and receipts will have to bring back to justify the money thus spent on the visit.

10. Let the company know where one would be at each stage in the journey, so that contacted can be made quickly if need be.

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