Foreign export promotion organisation like EPCs are

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Foreign exchange for participation in international fairs/exhibitions is released liberally.

Indian Trade Promotion Organisation:

The ITPO, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110 001 is the central and apex authority for arranging/organising participa­tion in international fairs/exhibitions.

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It draws well in advance, a programme for either organising a wholly Indian exhibition or participation in any such activity abroad. This programme is advertised through its weekly bulletin.

The Export Service Bulletin and also through EPCs/Commodity Boards, State Governments, Chambers of Commerce, trade associations and even by mail­ing to export/trading houses and important exporters. Information in this regard can, therefore, be sought/available well in advance from/in all these organisations/publications and the ITPO itself.

Therefore, they would be participants in fairs/exhibitions should apply in the ITPO according to the schedule laid down by it. There is a participation fee for every activity Details can be obtained from ITPO as they differ from one exhibition to another.

Direct Participation:

Where the exporter wishes to participate in any fair/exhibition in which the ITPO or any other export promotion organisation like EPCs are not organis­ing the participation, he need not approach the ITPO or the concerned or­ganisation for not only obtaining necessary details but also getting their concurrence in advance for such participation.s

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