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How I Have Changed Since College Started The beginning of life is always a spoon-fed lifestyle of parental punishment and disciplined guidance. It is of the first decade of life through which the deciphering of right and wrong is the ultimate essence of maturity. Tears are in response to punishment of disobedience. Needs, as well as wants, are provided by a sheltering atmosphere of dependence. As the teenage years start to flourish through puberty and exposure of leadership, higher education is then instilled within the young person’s mind as the basis for future adulthood.

As I have been through these exact stages of life, I am now being exposed to the higher education of college. If I were to look at the effect of change that college has had on me since I started it, I can honestly say that I have grown more independent, organized, and self-disciplined in almost every aspect of life. Sometimes when in the realm of parental guidance, there is a mindset of dependency that causes one to rely on others for support and fulfillment of needs. However, when such a guidance has passed and is substituted with a means of responsibility, there is a time to face the trials independently.

Through college, I have grown to learn of this independence. No longer is there a shoulder of Mother or Father to cry on when things don’t go as planned. No longer are decisions made carelessly only to expect parents to bear the consequences for me. I have learned of the importance of a sound mind in the midst of all of my troubles. Moreover, I have learned to carry my own burdens and to face my own problems with confidence to do even better the next time. Organization is not just the foundation of order. It is also the foundation of precise planning and determination to get things done in a timely manner.

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Within my childhood years, I found my life to be full of time worth wasting. College, however, has caused me to take time more seriously and effectively. In college, deadlines reflect a passing or failing grade. If deadlines are not met and time is not spent wisely, educational finances ultimately become a waste. Therefore, it is the focus of organization which keeps all priorities intact for success. The most important aspect of life that I have found to be most important in college is self-discipline. I have learned to be more of a leader and not a follower. I have learned hat one thing childhood cannot teach you is the exposure of living on your own. In college, I have learned what it means to know when to laugh and when to be serious. I have learned when to have fun and when to find total focus on tedious assignments. Through self control, I can adapt to new experiences easily and efficiently decipher wise methods of various tasks. Similarly, college has also taught me to show others the importance of discipline just by shaping my character and how I treat other people. I have realized that my future is at stake just by the habits that I develop in college.

By the mentality of thinking for myself and being the mature man that I should be, the effect of a college mindset has caused me to take life more seriously. College has not only given me more respect for myself, but it has also instilled within me the love and compassion for others who are in need of me and my attributes. There is no reason for me to regret the finances I put toward college and the positive transformations it has caused me to develop over time. It is because of college that my self-motivation, integrity, and preparedness have become more valuable to me in my life.

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