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I have conducted my research through interview with someone familiar with construction and development as how geometry is used in these fields.
The first step to development is to survey the property in order to document and draw the bounds and land surface shapes. The property will be represented by various geometry elements such as points, lines, arcs, circles, and other defined geometry shapes. Surveyors use scope on tripods witch use projection of line Referenced point on a stick in order to measure the variations of the heights on the ground. This tool uses various angel theorems and postulates to find location of property boundaries, property corners, utilities and building layouts on the property. The surveyor uses the data collected to draw the property layout on a 36″x 24″sheet of paper.

After completion of this step the architects use the surveying drawing to develop a working drawing for the building. In these drawing you will see triangles, rectangles, squares, arches and other geometry shapes and forms to create their design. The architects through our history have used these shapes to create famous structures all over the world. If you go back to Roman historical sites you will see such examples like the great Coliseum. A great example can be seen is the famous Egyptian pyramid. Some other famous structures are the Eiffel Tower which is in Italy, and Chrysler building in New York. If you look around your neighborhood houses, you will see these shapes.
The structural engineers use geometry in their design in order to calculate the spacing of their columns and beams for proper strength for the building.
The construction phase would not be possible without the knowledge of basic geometry. Points, lines, measurements and angles are often used to lay out the building in accordance to the architect drawings. The grading subcontractor uses these basic geometry elements to shape the land and ensure proper drainage from property. The concert, framing and roofing subcontractor uses strings and plums to layout. The roofers use pitch and angles to ensure drainage of rainwater.
With my research I have conducted I have learned how Geometry is used in all building that we live and work in today.

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