How is new environment and this is your

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How to make
a mark at a new job

So, you have successfully won over an interview. Now it’s
turn to enter the work room and sit for long hours with new people. This is new
environment and this is your new work place. Don’t worry, don’t hesitate.
Welcome your new place and work with whole positivity and gratitude.

It really doesn’t matter if your work place is big or small,
your attitude towards work is all same. There only a few lucky people who
become prominent in very short period of time, but majority are a bit shaken
when they are at new office.  It’s okay!
It’s natural but you have to stay confident and follow certain thumb rules to
make a good mark at a new job.

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First to be Present

Nowadays, many offices and work places aren’t very rigid to
work in a particular time frame. For the beginners, they already show a little
courtesy to settle in the new environment. However, this is one thing you can
make an opportunity out of. Though your supervisors only need the work done, no
matter when and how you sit in office and do it, but if you reach early at
office make you prominent and your early presence in office will make them
believe you are quite a responsible type of worker.  You are concerned to complete your work right
on time. If your boss or supervisor is being soft towards you and doesn’t
sharpen the time frame, so it’s good if you in return make a good place in
office.  Soon you will be counted on to
be handed bigger tasks, instead of other mates, just for being seen present on

Ongoing official training/workshops

IF your office is running any official training or workshops,
even on weekends, you should be there. Yes, attending these workshops and
courses will not only help you get a clear vision of the new place, it will
help you get know about your supervisors, bosses and colleagues. You will get
to know more about your company’s work strategy, whom they are linked in with
and what is their motive of work. Learning early at these workshops will help
you get more stable at new place.

Be a social butterfly

The more you get to know about your colleagues, the better
you stay calm. Try to be friendly with your co-workers. Yes, it is important for
them, the way it is important for you.  You are now sitting with them and you have to
have a good word with them even if it’s after work hours, attending an informal
lunch or get to gathers.  You are being
observed when you are new place, making social network at office place will
blend your newness and it’s important for you to know people belonging from different
cultures, their behavior towards you and work.  So, you need to sense your co-worker’s
mentality and attitude for yourself as well.

Update yourself

This is highly important. If you are less asked about the
task you are given and left with the work. Do NOT make the mistake of keeping
silence.  No, this is your new office and
you need to update your bosses or supervisors about your work. You are not an old
gem to them and you haven’t gain any trust yet so you need to update your heads
with your performance on the tasks. Good or bad, this will keep you in their
mind. You are new and you need to make an effort to become a different
individual at your new work place.  Moreover,
you also need to update yourself about the happenings in your office. Don’t
just sit idle in your work corner with the task handed over to you. Keep a
knowhow about your co-workers performances and your supervisors too. This will
help you perform in a better way.  

Communication is a gateway

When you are in a new office, you need to communicate with
your seniors and staff members. Show your hirers that you are present there and
work there to make them achieve goals.  Try to build personal relationships with your
staff. This is the best way you can gain confidence of office people. This is
an era of communications and this is the only means to solve issues, work place
discussions and even chitchats.  Get
closer to your staff members rather staying quiet and at a distance. Your
attitude towards other staff people, your seniors and supervisors will only
make them judge you as a perfect candidate or misjudge you as a wrong person
for the job. So, better communicate with your co-workers.

Know your Goal

There is always a finish level to any kind of task. Whenever
you are handed a task, make sure you know how to do it. Know your position, if
you really want to gain a position in your new office; get to know your goals
and vision of work. Until and unless your vision is not clear, you cannot make
a mark. Understand your position in the office and work accordingly.  If at first, you can’t make it, make a short
notice to your head. Don’t feel ashamed of asking at first. You will be more
embarrassed if you do it wrongly.  


When you are new at office, keep looking for any volunteering
opportunity, this is the best way to thank your company.

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