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How would you feel if you have lost your home and security in your country from one day to another, with no idea of why it happened and asking yourself “Why me?” Being drowned in darkness, worried and hearing the colossal sound of bombs exploding right next to you – with the constant worry and doubt of not knowing if your family is safe. These things that have happened is because of terrorism. Without a single doubt, terrorism endangers innocent lives, causes losses in social wealth and constitutes a serious challenge to human civilization. Leading to a serious threat upon international peace and security, it has been a worldwide nuisance for quite some time.

Terrorism has been used to express political and religious beliefs, in retaliation for certain ideological oppositions, and in other cases for specific purposes such as intimidating, injuring and even killing people. Terrorism can be both domestic or international. It would be true to claim that almost every nation has been affected by terrorism in a way. For those who have not faced the cruelty of it yet, regarding the fast spreading terror attacks, it is soon for those nations to witness it from the first hand. In other words, none of us are actually safe. Terrorism is as bad as it sounds. It seems to the terrorists that it is an “easier” solution to get others to do what they want.

The threat continues to spread all around the world because the issues about the international borders and its policies are not resolved. The United Nations have made many past actions and resolutions. Since then, many treaties have been created to fight against terrorists from travelling through international borders, but they have not been effective so far.

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Turkey has a critical role in this issue because of its geopolitics. Turkish state has been fighting against terrorism for years which caused them to gain serious experience about the issue. During the years of fight against all the terrorist organizations, the specific importance of security intelligence has come to notice. Considering the fact that Turkey is sharing borders with countries like Syria and Iraq, which both have suffered deeply by extremist terror groups, it is very likely for those terrorists to cross through Turkey and move on to the other European countries. Turkey is already fighting terrorism actively, and putting a great effort on security intelligence to catch and avoid any possible attacks. However, it is also clear that a collaboration between all UN countries is a must.

It is not only Turkey which has a strong and active security intelligence. Considering the members of the UN, developed countries like United States, Germany, Russia, China and all the others must actively participate and share information between each other. This collaboration will increase the speed of fight against terrorism and will give critical damages to the terrorist organisations. Using this method, a terrorist who plans to cross Turkey to make an attack on a European country will be stopped and every country will be alerted about the suspect even before he starts his journey. The Republic of Turkey is offering its full support and collaboration to stop terrorism as well as stopping terrorists to travel around the world. 

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