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Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations, the delegate of
Iran expresses her gratitude for giving the opportunity to participate in this
conference and she strongly recommends UNSC to discuss upon the issue of Syrian
refugees regarding the agenda item A.


one of the crucial issues in the world, Syria has been in a state of civil war
since 2011. It began as a pro-democracy protest against the authoritarian
regime and is still ongoing. The conflict between the dictatorial regime of
Bashar al-Assad and the anti-governmental forces. The Assad regime which is
Shia receive support from states of Shia such as Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon,
Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, et cetera. As in Assad regime, the anti-governmental
forces which is Sunni are reversely supported by states of Sunni such as Saudi
Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and more. However, viewed from wider perspective, it
gradually turned into a sectarian battle between the Islamic ShI’ites and
Sunnis, contrary to its original purpose. Moreover, the fact that Russia and
U.S. government which claim to be seeking global peace but actually pursuing
their benefits and a new terrorist organization called IS is entering the war
based on their interests has made the war having the character of a complex
international proxy war.


In fact,
while big parties are conflicting, the most damaging in this war are as always,
innocent civillians and kids. Namely, as the war proceeds, more people are
suffering from those agonies. Since the delegates are assembled to deal with
the problem in this conference, this delegate believes that the United Nation
Security Council should debate upon Syrian war and refugees. And lots of
coutries do try to solve Syrian refugee problem.

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The most
popular religion in the Islamic Republic of Iran is Islam, particularly Shia
for 89%, Sunni 10% and other religions 1%. However, in the case of Syria, the
most popular religion is Sunni for 74% and minority including main government
and powerful upper class is Shia. This indicates that Iran is supporting only
Shia and is a huge rival of Gulf states which support the rebels, most of
ordinary citizens in Syria. Therefore, Iran is strongly hostile against any and
all pro-democratic activities and firmly excludes any single refugee from

Although Iran’s supporting scale to Shia and hatred
among Sunni is extremely massive, this delegate is eager to participate in
solving the problems to some degree regarding the issues through discussion
with diverse countries.

The Islamic
Republic of Iran believes that it is now time to specifically take a step
further from the point where the committee solely asserts not having a biased
eye toward foreigner just in words. A xenophobia attitude is an outdated and
inappropriate behavior in global society. The refugees typically prefer to
asylum to Europe for the reason of far distance and security. Unfortunately,
the returning result is frequent threat or occurrence of terror from those who
opposes Syrian Sunni. The most menacingly, IS. But in a time like this, the
tight cohesion between refugees and the embracing societies is completely necessary,
never being separate just like water and oil. This delegate expects to achieve
firstly, by educating several nations, this committee could pursue the goal of
harmony and eventually agreement and reconciliation between two denominations
of Islam.


delegate would like to offer another solution of establishing proper funding
programme for refugees. The moment has come to take profound actions by raising
autonomous fund from each country. Of course, the main is European society and
they are surely responsible for take care of refugees both physically and
economically. However, since the world is being integrated day by day, this
delegate believes the financial responsibility is reponsible for majority
countries of international society. Therefore, it would be efficient to found
an office in the UN that works specifically for raising fund in certain areas.
By operating these and gathering activity results from every office,
availability of gauging the world situation is further expected.


UNSC has
the responsibility and the obligation to secure the world from several
dangerous factors. Now, the moment to react one of the most hazardous event in
the world, war. The Islamic Republic of Iran wishes that UNSC make the right
active decisions that could give relief to the world including Syrian refugees
suffering from the fear of constant Syrian civil war. 

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