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Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,
The Delegate of Egypt strongly recommends SC to discuss peaceful actions to be taken regarding the issue of
seeking ways to restore order in the formerly IS-Controlled region and prevent the reconstruction of terrorist
The Islamist group, known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has been active in the Sinai Peninsula since 2011.
The Islamic State constitutes a global threat to international peace and security through its terrorist acts, its
violent extremist ideology, its continued gross, and widespread attacks against civilians. Its violations abuses
of human rights, against women,children,religion..etc Involving murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking, suicide
bombings, enslavement,forced marriage, sexual slavery, use of children and destruction of cultural heritage.
In Egypt, the attack on the Rawdah mosque in Bir al – Abed, north Sinai, happened April 9, 2017 killed
more than 300 people, with a combination of bombs and light weaponry.
The local IS affiliate, Ansar Beit al- Maqdis, has killed Egyptian police and soldiers in north Sinai, around
Al-Arish town the last three years.
It has been involved in suicide bombing, drive-by shootings, assassinations and beheadings.
Like this, Egypt is one of most dangerous country threatened by Islamic State.
21, September 2017, UN Security Council requests creation of Independent Team to help in holding Islamic
States accountable for its action in Iraq. Egypt pointed that crimes committed by Islamic State were
unprecedented and accountability must be ensured. Then reconciliation efforts could prevent the reemergence
of Islamic State or any other terrorist groups, noting that Egypt supported a range of activities.
July 14, 2016 in France Nice, 87 people dead and 434 people got injured. At that time all the countries got
shocked and demanded suggestions. After that, on May 22, 2017 in UK, there was big attack during Ariana
Grande’s concert and 22 people died and 129 people got injured. Few weeks later, there was also attack in
London Bridge. Like this Islamic State is attacking tourist attractions and sinless victims. Because of this,
whole world can’t loosen up and they can’t even hold countries’ own traditional events.
United Nations speaks to more complicated and fluid situation on the ground – characterized by delicate
humanitarian considerations and the possibility of an Islamic State resurgence.
According to the UN, five of the areas liberated from the group, “There is a risk that if we don’t stabilize
these areas quickly, violent extremism might emerge again. The military gains that have been made against
could be lost”,Lise Grande, head of the UN Development Programme in Iraq, told Foreign Policy.
UNICEF’s 2016-2019 programme supports Iraq government, regional and subnational levels to strengthen
basic social services. The National Development Plan 2013-2017 and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s
‘Vision 2020’ are also supported by UNICEF. UNICEF support Iraq, consisting both humanitarian and
development program. Also they provide water, sanitation and hygiene response through WASH Cluster
consisted more than 60 INGO,NGO and government partners.
ISIL are using lots of chemical weapons so in November 7, 2017 ISIL was responsible for using sulfur
mustard in a September 2016 attack in Umm Hawsh and the Syrian Government was accountable for the
release of sarin in an April 2017 attack in Khan Shaykhun, the head of a Security Council.
The high costs from Islamic States are begin from selling oil, with donations and money from hostages. To
prevent that all the countries against oilfields. The coalition has capacity yo stop the illegal oil trade. Which
money used for weapons.
The premise of this end is that :
(1) Egypt and other countries will stop buying oil from Islamic States
(2) Egypt can provide ‘off ramps’ to young Islamic States with no history of violence.Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,
The Delegate of Egypt strongly agrees to Agenda A and recommends SC to discuss optimal actions to be
taken regarding the issue of integration of Syrian refugees in European societies
” We felt maybe it’s our turn to die. But we didn’t want to die. So we made up our minds to leave.”-
Sahar, 25, Syrian refugee in Lebanon
” Syria is the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time, a continuing cause of suffering for
millions which should be garnering a groundswell of support around the world.” – Filippo Grandi,
UNHCR Hight Commissioner
(United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “Syria Emergency.” UNHCR,
Since March 2011, the Syrian Civil War is ongoing conflict between the government of President
Basharal-Assad, along with allies, and various forces opposing the government. As Syrian Civil War
continues, more than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives and more than 11 million others have been
forced from their homes by forces loyal to President Basharal-Assad. UN Security Council has
demanded all parties end the indiscriminate use of weapons in populated areas, but civilians continue to
die in the thousands. More than 4.5 million people have fled Syria since the beginning of conflict.
About 10% of Syrian refugees have sought safety in Europe. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq
6.6 million are displaced within Syria itself. One million have requested asylum to Europe. Germany
with more than 300,000 accumulated applications and Sweden with 100,000 are EU’s top receiving
Unfortunately, lots of Syrian refugee are moving to Europe but most of them have risks to settle stably.
Nowadays, there are several articles about Syrian refugee’s death during escape. Surprisingly, many
children are facing danger. Also Syrian Refugees issue breach UN Declaration of Human Rights. For
example, Article 13,
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.
Article 14,
(1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
(2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political
crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.
In order to prevent deterioration that UN Agencies and NGO partners planned programs for Syrian
(1) 3RP – Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan : In response to the Syria Crisis
Started from 2016-2017 Syrian refugee program, 3RP brought together the vital efforts of some 270
humanitarian and development partners, in support of national efforts, to guarantee refugees and host
communities receive the support. A total of 25,681 refugee students received education grants, 3,614 of
which were children between the ages of three and four years going to kindergarten. Also distributed
1,800,000 school books for Egyptian and Syrian primary school children and trained 670 teachers and
social workers. For healthcare, 10,782 Syrian children received routine vaccination and growth
monitoring services.
(2) ECHO – European Commission Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
Contributed US $ 22.8 million for the UN WFP(World Food Programme) to provide life-saving food
assistance for Syrian refugees.
(3) WFP – World Food Programme
Distributed nutritious high energy biscuits to 295,800 Syrian and Egyptian school children in 340
(4) SIRF – Syria International NGO Regional Forum
Organization working for Syrian refugee by providing joint message to the regional donor community,
leading and representing INGOs regional strategic and technical coordination mechanisms and external
Millions more refugees displaced in Egypt. 3RP works with Egypt and chapter was officially
launched in Cairo in April 2017. As of 31 July 2017, Egypt hosted 209,393 registered asylum-seekers
and refugees especially 122,203 Syrians. The program providing job opportunities for unskilled
workers from Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency and two local NGOs in Alexandria
raised the awareness of 12,100 families of the Syrian refugees on environmental and health issues. End
of 2017, program created over 100,000 workdays for 500 young women and men in Alexandria,
Menoufia and Sharkia. Egypt is fully integrated and largely urbanized, instead of residing in camps,
which leads to varying degrees of access to basic sanitation and health services. For protection sector,
agencies extended individual and group psychosocial support to a total of 22,400 children, adolescents,
and youth, and assisted 368 parents and caregivers. The refugee community in Egypt has significant
health need with high prevalence of chronic conditions, including hypertension, diabetes mellitus,
disability and cardiac diseases.
The premise of this end is that :
1) Egypt and other nations can provide assistance program to settle well in European societies,
2) Egypt can offer stop over place to prepare some technique for employment and education.  

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