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Homeschooling. Is it really worth it? Some may say homeschooling was an amazing choice for them and others say they would have much rather have gone to an actual school instead. Homeschooling is when one parent stays home to teach their kids what they would learn in school at their own pace or you can hire someone to do it if you can’t afford to quit your job and be a full on homeschool parent. The disadvantages of homeschooling can have an effect on your decision, but so can the advantages of it. Examples would include freedom, one-on-one teaching, and a flexible schedule. Schools have a certain curriculum that your child is expected to meet at the end of each school year. But with homeschooling, you obtain the freedom to teach your kid what you anticipate is the most ethical choice for them. The disadvantages of homeschooling can change your mind on if you really want to do it or not, so stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positives. With the freedom of teaching your kids what you consider is right, there is also having the freedom of choosing your own work hours. Most schools are unallowed to teach religious beliefs to your child. However, having that religious freedom means you can demonstrate to your kids some of the different beliefs. Michael Farris, a strong homeschool advocate, quoted an educational psychologist saying  ” kids get their values from whomever they spend a majority of their time with.”Homeschooling also gives the option for a one-on-one teaching style that some kids could really use the extra help with. The majority of people who have been homeschooled say they learned better and faster with a one-on-one teaching style. One-on-one teaching is a more effective style, rather than picking up new learning styles that are made for a classroom full of kids. Usually, a typical homeschooling lesson consumes less time than a normal class would. You will be able to spare your time and maybe also the need more homework.The thing about homeschooling is that most parents and kids enjoy the fact that they don’t have to get up so early to go to school or work. Going on vacation during a school week can be a mess to take care of, especially when your teachers give your makeup work ahead of time and require you to comprehend it. Research says that kids usually accomplish in a few hours each day what would typically take a week or more to complete. As part of a learning experience, families can schedule a field trip to the zoo, museum, parks, or even relaxing in the sand on the beach doing school work.All though there are cons to homeschooling there are a lot more pros to focus on. If you think you have a flexible schedule to work with, think your child needs more of a one-on-one teaching style and, obtain the freedom to do homeschooling, then homeschooling is the best choice for your child that you will want to pick.

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