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History of Muslim

Islam began in 610 CE
when Muhammad an exceptionally otherworldly and religious man have gotten
divine messages in buckle close Mecca.

was established on the lessons of the Prophet Muhammad as a declaration of
surrender to the will of Allah. The Qur’an, the holy content of Islam, contains
the lessons of the Prophet that were uncovered to him from Allah. Conventional
Muslims trust that Allah is the one genuine God with no accomplice or rise to
and that the motivation of this conviction framework comes straight from God
and the vehicle picked by him to convey these instructing to the overall
public, the Prophet Muhammad.

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Key Principles of Islam:

The binding together
attributes of Islam are the Five Pillars of Islam. The five columns are the
most imperative commitments of a Muslim under Sharia law and which
preservationist Muslims perform reliably. They are the establishment of
conventional Muslim life and have been depicted in this way:

1.     Shahadah:
The testimony that there is none worthy of worship except God and that Muhammad
is his messenger.

2.     Salah:
Establishing of the five daily prayers

3.     Zakat:
The giving of charity which is one fortieth (2.5%) of the net worth of
possessions kept for more than a year, with few exemptions, for every Muslim
whose wealth exceeds the nisab,and 10% or 20% of the produce from agriculture.
This money or produce is distributed among the poor.

4.     Ramadan:
Fasting from dawn to dusk in the month of Ramadan.

5.     Hajj:
The pilgrimage to Mecca during the month of DhulHijjah, which is compulsory
once in a lifetime for one who has the ability to do it.

In islam a lot of
empires took place but only the following had impact:

The Safavid Empire (1501 to 1736)

Capitol: Isfahan.

Area: 2,850,000 km2

The Safavid tradition was a standout amongst the most huge
decision administrations of Iran. They led one of the best Persian realms since
the Muslim success of Persia. The Safavid administration was established in
1501 by Sh?h Ism?il. Shia Islam was their official state religion

. The Mughal Empire (1526 to 1857)

Capitol: Dehli

Population: 110-150 Million

Area: 3.2 Million square kilometers

Mughals were the
relatives of the place of Timur. In 1526 Babur from focal Asia attacked India
he crushed the last sultan of Sultanate of Delhi Ibrahim Lodhi in the Battle of
Panipat and Established the Mughal Empire. The domain was to a great degree
prosperous and rich. Under the manage of Mughals, India delighted in much
social and financial advance and in addition religious congruity. The Mughals
achieved their tallness of energy under the rule of Shah Jahan. He was acutely
intrigued by structures and engineering, he likewise fabricated the Taj Mahal
for his cherished spouse. Mughal Empire was at its biggest degree amid the rule
of Aurangzeb Alamgir. He was a profoundly religious individual and it is said
that he composed the entire Quran twice in his own particular penmanship. He
battled against the Maratha and vanquished Deccan locale. After his passing the
realm declined continuously.

Causes Of Decline of
Mughal Empire:

1.     The
later Mughal rulers after Aurangzeb were progressively uncouth, they were more
keen on drinking, music and verse rather then organization.


2.     Invasions
of Nadir Shah of Persia and Ahmed Shah Abdali uncovered the shortcoming of
Mughal armed force. Both plundered and sacked Delhi.

3.     Mughal
armed force was not able contend with the exceedingly composed and prepared
armed force of British.

4.     It
is frequently said that the long wars in Deccan amid Aurangzeb’s period had
depleted the treasury.

5.     Mughals
did not have any Navy so they couldn’t practice their impact in the Indian
Ocean against the East India Company.

Umayyad Caliphate (661-750)

Capitol: Damascus.

Population: 62,000,000 est.

Area: 15,000,000 km2

After the destruction of Hazrat Ali (R.A) Muslim domain of the
Khilafat-e-Rashida (first Caliphate) floated into a power battle between Hazrat
Hassan(R.A) and Ameer Muawiya (R.A) yet in the long run to spare the realm from
common war Hazrat Hassan (R.A) surrendered the caliphate for Hazrat Ameer
Muawiya (R.A) in this way denoting the start of Umayyad Caliphate.They built up
the biggest Arab Muslim State ever. In 712 a Berber General Tariq ibn Ziyad Captured
Spain for the Caliphate. They kept on decision Spain for the following 300
years. Their Caliphate was ousted by the Abbasid after their thrashing at the
Battle of Zab.

Abbasid Caliphate (750 to 1258)

Capitol: Baghdad.

Population: 50,000,000 est

Area: 10,000,000 km2

The Abbasid were the
third of four Islamic Caliphates. Once in a while the Abbasid and Ummayyad
caliphate are by and large alluded to as the Arab Muslim domain yet they were
two distinct traditions. The Period of Abbasid’s is named as the Golden Age of
Islam because of advances in Sciences, Literature, Medicine and Philosophy. The
Caliphate was at long last annulled when Mongols under Halagu Khan caught and
sacked Baghdad in 1258.

Ottoman Empire (1299 to 1922)

Capitol: Istanbul.

Population: 35,350,000 (1856)

Area: 5,200,000 km2

The Muslim Ottoman
Empire controlled what is currently Turkey and parts of North Africa, Southwest
Asia, and Southeast Europe. Constantinople, now called Istanbul, was the
capital. The rulers were called sultans. Suleiman I led from 1520 to 1566.
Muslims called him “The Lawgiver” since he made laws that conveyed
equity to the domain. Suleiman transformed Constantinople into a wonderful
Islamic city. The realm was capable and well off while Suleiman ruled. Many
individuals in the realm lived well, however many did not. Some were slaves or
officers. In the late 1300s, slaves framed a unique gathering of warriors
called Janissaries. This gathering turned out to be intense. At to begin with,
the Janissaries were faithful to the realm. In 1826, some betrayed the sultan. 

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