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Historical Background:

connection between India and Brazil is five-century old. Historical ties between both countries can be traced
back to the Asian migration to South America, that led to the evolution of the
indigenous people of Americas. Between the 16th -18th centuries, Brazil and
Goa, both under Portuguese rule, had bilateral exchanges, which reflected in
the flora and fauna, food and dress as well as folk traditions of Brazil. India’s
contribution to farming in Brazil is significant, the bulk of Brazilian cattle
livestock is of Indian origin. Indian embassy opened in Rio de Janeiro on May
3, 1948, which later moved to Brasilia on August 1, 1971. The Brazilian Embassy
has in India has been functional since 1949 and has a Consulate General in

Indian Community in Brazil:

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 The Indian
community NRIs in Brazil is small, numbering about 2000 persons. Many of them
live in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Manuas. The community mainly comprises of
professionals and businessmen and some researchers in agriculture, physics,

Visas/Air links/travel:

a bilateral agreement, diplomatic and official passport holders are exempted
from visa for a stay of maximum of 90 days. There are no direct flights between
India and Brazil. Favourable connections are however available via Europe
(London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam), the US (New York and Chicago) and via

Cultural Exchanges:

 There is huge Brazilian interest in Indian
culture, religion, performing arts and philosophy. The first forms of Indian
Culture to reach Brazil were related to spirituality, philosophy and religion. Both
Brazil and India are cultures in which people are colourful and noisy. Folkloric
celebrations from India find affinity towards the jolly and colorful nature of
the festivities such as the typical dances and parades of north and northeast
of Brazil.

 In classical music, Brazil’s share of
classical music goes beyond Sitar, Tabla and other instruments to create fusion
music in collaboration with Brazilian artistes. There are numerous
organizations teaching Yoga, all over Brazil, namely, Ramakrishna Mission,
ISKCON to name a few.

connection between the cultures can be observed in social media as well. In
2002 after Google purchased Orkut to compete with Myspace and Facebook, the
site lost its appeal in almost every country except India and Brazil which
generated most of Orkut’s revenue.

cinema is popular among Brazilian people. A commemorative stamp was issued by
the Brazilian Post in May 2014 on “100 years of Indian Cinema”. Several Brazilian
actresses and models have also worked in Bollywood. Caminhos das India (paths
of India), an Indian themed Brazilian soap opera filmed in Agra and Jodhpur, is
a Brazilian Indian love story, and is extremely popular in Brazil. It is being
re-telecast on the popular Brazilian TV channel.

Brazil Bilateral Two-way Investments:

have been happening both ways between India and Brazil. While Brazilian
companies have invested in areas such as automobiles, IT, mining, energy,
biofuels, footwear sectors in India, the Indian companies have focused in
sectors such as IT, Pharmaceutical, Energy, agri-business, mining,
engineering/auto sectors. Major Indian companies in Brazil are such as TCS,
Wipro, Infosys, Cadilla, Mahindra, L, Renuka Sugars, United Phosphorus,
Polaris. The major Brazilian player operating in India are Marco Polo
(automobiles), Vale (biggest mining company), Stefanini (IT), Gerdau (Steel).

Trade Figures – 2016 (USD in Billion)





Growth % of Export

Growth % of Import

Brazil’s trade with India






Brazil’s total global Trade







Political :

the turn of the 21st century efforts to improve bilateral relations
between both the emerging economies have gained traction. India and brazil have
recently signed bilateral as well as multilateral agreements to strengthen
political and economic ties. Brazil and India signed an agreement in 2003 for cooperation
in the field of Research and Development, acquisition and logistic support. The
convergence of both the countries in important world forums and bodies such as
UNGA, WTO, G20 etc highlights the importance of this relationship. The formation
of BRICS in 2006 also a provided a stage for India and Brazil along with other
emerging economies to deepen ties.



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