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entrepreneurs are into securing revenue and growth from industry sectors affected
by new and rapidly changing technology. These
days advance computing technology is being
utilized in so many aspects of business in different industries that it is
being classified as a subset of its own unique industry. It’s applications in
the world of commerce or e-commerce are of utmost importance and is changing
the way many businesses used to function before. Today, industry saturation of
high tech businesses is pretty decent with these hi tech businesses operating
in varying industries such as oil extraction, food exporting and others. This
paper is mainly going to look into this idea of cloud computing and potentially providing a private cloud service
to the corporate sector as one of the high tech entrepreneurship,
outlining the appropriate mechanisms that are needed in protecting the intellectual property of the high tech entrepreneurship, outline some of the resources
that are needed in bringing the concept of high tech entrepreneurship into the current market as well as abilities
needed in taking forward the idea of high tech entrepreneurship
as far as market trends is concerned. Then conclusions are drawn from the analysis presented in the paper.

Define and explore the high-growth nature of the
concept of cloud computing in entrepreneurship

The nature of growth in this industry is exponential if the
product is good enough but the % of market saturation is slowly and steadily
growing as we are yet to see consumers moving to a cloud based system in masses
such as towards Google’s chrome operating system that puts the importance
towards internet based applications rather than desktop/laptop based. Today more
and more devices come prepackaged with or offer downloadable access to services
that store the users’ data remotely. Giving employees the access to easily
collaborate on company tasks from the ease of their homes, projects  being updated in real time right from the
project site are just some benefits to cloud computing which enhances its nature
of growth as this ease of work will catch on.. Along with these pro points
(remote working and backup, instant information sharing etc), there are also
some cons (privacy, data retrieval upon machine failure, cyber security). But future
of computing is with a laptop that’s with the user no matter the location, be
it on a cruise or at workplace

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Identify appropriate mechanisms for protecting the
intellectual property of the idea giving reasons for your choice

The world of technology is a rapidly
changing world, changing at an exciting but unpredictable pace. As The Economist observed,
“the belief that technology and globalization promise unbounded prosperity
and render old economic rules redundant has infected corporate managers,
investors, and politicians with remarkable speed’¦. Why has the belief in the
New Economy spread so quickly? One reason is that some of its elements really
do exist. Imports and exports do play
a bigger role than they did a generation ago. Information technology is altering the nature of the
world’s economic output, as well as the ways that companies operate. With all
these uncertainties in mind the appropriate mechanism mainly for protecting the
intellectual property of the idea is encryption and cyber security. Mainly with
this private cloud for corporations the encryption will make sure that only the
user sending and receiving the file can decrypt and open it. The advantage with
encryption is that its on a need to know basis. So for example if the file is
sent from one user to another only those two users have access to that file but
if its shared in a group all the group members have access to that file and not
anyone else in that firm regardless of his/her position. Also these security
measures layered into the cloud prevents breaches and theft as an audit trail
can be maintained by monitoring which users accessed what file and when. With private
cloud the protection of intellectual property is more secure than server based
operations as servers are easier to hack than cloud because of the said
encryption. Also a cyber-security firm can be hired to for cloud maintenance
and extra security


Explore the resources and finances needed to bring the
concept to market

bringing the concept to market the macro strategy would be to not divide
finances too much, having a viable marketing strategy, getting an efficient core
employee team and the final vision for the company. The resources needing at
first will be substantial and will need bringing in big investors for the
setup. The setup will be requiring a physical space where there are at least
5000 computing machines. These 5000 computing machine will act as the computing
resource for cloud hosting as the virtual servers of cloud require a lot of
computing resource. The plan of action would be to setup this one location with
2 backup data centers as because if one fails the other is there because in
this business bad publicity is company killer, especially private cloud
service. Then after acquiring few medium sized firms, provide better than market
service and rates by using India as operation base because of cheap costs
involved with labour and set up. After an year expand and grab the most of the small
level and medium sized firms who are still on server based data storage by
educating them on the advantages of private cloud computing such as better
security, no trade secret leaking scenarios and also the ability of monitoring and
producing an audit trail. Then 5 years down the lane go after the big
corporations hoping market isn’t too overcrowded by then or else get acquired
by one of the big players in cloud market such as amazon, google or Microsoft. For
the above the initial setup cost would be around 1 million pounds. But the devised
marketing strategy is pretty inexpensive with use of social media as advertising
platform, for example by making weird funny videos that attract viewers or have
a tendency to go viral that also contain information about the firm and what it
offers. The cost of educating small business about the need and advantages of
my private cloud service won’t be much as I would be travelling to business
shows and business seminars to get the word of mouth rolling. All in all the
finances of 1-2 million dollar is needed for the start with additional line of
credit with investors if possible taking into account the projected growth and
putting all profits back into the company for its continued growth the first 5years.
The resources needed will also involve resources like an executive recruiter to
acquire a good core team of efficient employees.

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