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Financial freedom is what most student aims to achieve after completing their schools. But unfortunately many are unable to achieve financial freedom, because many of the skills required in real life are not taught in school.

Very few schools and colleges are there that are teaching various other skills that are important for fast growing economy. Many students after completing their schooling again join some institutes that provide professional courses.

These institute providing specialized courses in arts and science help students to earn credentials and certifications. These credentials and certification are important for landing on great jobs. For these courses provide a work-related experience, gives them a first-hand experience of work and a student is able to relate his theoretical knowledge in practical life.

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We see almost all high school providing degrees in arts science and commerce. Till date at many places there is hardly any change in the syllabus of high schools. Students still have to choose from arts, science or commerce whether they like it or not. They have to choose from the only three streams available. The option of specialization in subjects is also available after high school.

Specialized high school degree in arts and science are great option especially for that job which requires experience. A specialized high school diploma could also be very beneficial for someone who wants to learn new skills without going for a three to four year college. In this way a student can graduate high school with the basic skills and if they want to specialize in any skill or learn new skill they can opt for diploma in those skills. It also depends on different situations, some students are smart enough to decide their subject for specialization, but some students are still confused. So it is better if a school can provide and option for specialization rather than compelling students to specialize in high school.

Specialization at high school is a good option but one should not forget that college is the best place to allow specialization. High school should be a place where a student gets the taste of the entire subject and later on in his college life he can decide his strengths and weakness and choose a subject to specialize accordingly.

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