Herrenvolk mentality is mainly when someone wants complete control of everything. Herrenvolk Mentality is a very important piece of history because history as you know, it would not be the same if we did not have it back then and now. The thing with Herrenvolk Mentality is they are scared to lose that power because once you have it and are used to it, it’s hard to let it go. The Herrenvolk Mentality stands for Master Race Mindset and what Master Race means that it is and Mentality is a French term and it means mindset or worldly view. Most of this started when the Germans had a load of power and had a Master Race. Adolf Hitler is a great example of Herrenvolk Mentality. Since he wanted all the power and not to share it with anyone he had a Herrenvolk Mentality. Hitler wanted to build and ”master race” of children and the way he had to do it was just weird. He had to have children with Jewish looking features and with blue eyes and blonde hair and fair skin and the woman has to be Nordic. Then they would have a child and if the child was disabled they would be killed or sent to concentration camps. Hitler created “volk” community and what that means is when the social classes united and also regions of Germany to stand behind Hitler.Another great example of Herrenvolk Mentality is Mao Zedong isn’t as well known an leader as Hitler but his idea of Maoism was one of the worst idea in human history his very idea of communism did not work in any way. He had much more aggressive form of communism lead to the starvation of the millions people and his effect on not just China but the world left over 70 million people dead. China is only just in the last six years fully recovering from his effects on the country. This is why he should be known as the worst leader in human history because he has really messed up china and declined the population their. They are rebuilding they way they live there and handle things.Herrenvolk Mentality is important to history because if we were not introduced to it we never would have never seen Hitler and how he shaped how are security in the USA is today and how we handle things today in the US. even though it was not in the USA you never know if it would happen again and want to be ready if it did. There are positives and negatives to Hitler’s rise to power.

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