Henri Fayol describes managers as those who engage in planning, organising, leading and control. Henri Mintzberg who instead sought to uncover a more suitable depiction of the manager’s role however deemed such functions as too vague. His studies led to three distinct roles:

1.     Interpersonal Roles

2.     Informational Roles and

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3.     Decisional Roles

Each of these categories included more specific responsibilities that share a common theme.

A manager can be describes as someone in charge of an organisation or group and since the manager is in charge of such an organisation they are given a certain amount of authority over the team they manage. Through such a position of authority within the organisation a manager attains a level of status, which leads to the various roles.

Interpersonal roles are derived directly from formal authority since without such status there would not be the same relationships. Managers can be figureheads, leaders and liaisons. As figurehead, the manager is the head of the organisation and is responsible for certain duties such as sitting in meeting with clients. As a leader the manager is accountable for the work and performance of the organisation and providing the team with incentive for productivity and working towards group goals.


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