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Hello, how are you, your friend Juan Carlos Zamora, Director of the first University of Real Estate. Today I’m going to talk about how we do the Home Fractioning business without all the money coming out of our stock market.Imagine that without even 10% of the money out of your bag you can be a partner in housing development projects. Well, do not imagine it, because that’s what we do … and that’s what you can do too! People believe that high capital is needed to generate money in Real Estate. It is not true. What you need is knowledge, knowing the necessary steps that you have to do to generate business. What I want to show you today is that we, in housing subdivisions, associate ourselves with the owners of the large plots of land and with the people who do the paperwork so that these large plots of land are made in parts and on those pieces of the area. Build homes. And once we build those homes … sell them!And why do we do it? Because this way we saved the money that it would cost us to buy these large plots of land, and we also saved the time it would take us to do these procedures so that these large plots of land could be built in parts and built on them. When we make these associations, what we do is contribute the capital so that the houses are developed, so that the houses are built. But do I tell you a secret? Less than 10% comes out of our bag because for the rest we use powerful creative financing techniques.Would you like to have this system so that you can generate large profits so that you can also do it, but above all so that all you have to do is follow each of the steps that we give you so that you can perform?Well, if you want to find the owners of the land that are associated with you and know all the legal contracts that you need to do and above all how to finance yourself creatively so that less than 10% comes out of your bag, and you can be a partner in these big projects and you can generate significant income. Do you want to get all this information, all this knowledge, and this system? Come to us so you can access our training so that you can be a student of the first Real Estate University and you can start being an entrepreneur and investor in this vast world, in this great business of Real Estate.Remember, opportunities are for everyone, but only for those who dare, for those who take advantage of them, for those who go for them. If you have a dream, fight for it! Let’s leave a trace.

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