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Hello everyone my name is Mohamed maged, I am expert

I am honored to be here with you to day I would like to
thank everyone that gave me this opportunity to be here and share my ideas with
you. I want ask you what is the most important factor that lead to success or
to make someone to never give up and work hard? For me is motivation I think
it’s one of the most important things that differentiate a person from another,
so I am here to day to share with you some ideas for motivating elementary
students and to establish strong motiving program for them.

The first thing that I am going to talk about for developing
a good motivational program, is to create an environment that make students
feel that there is no threats in it, that make the students more feel    comfortable to talk to their teachers, and
that make them feel that the teachers is supportive and believe in them, that
could lead the students to be more motivated to work and achieve their goals
and it’s only going to happened if they find someone that believe in them and
push them to achieve goals, so teachers need to start communicate with their
students and encourage them to talk, because communication is also strong
weapon and good communication between students and teachers will lead to more
motivated students to learn and achieve new heights, and because students
aren’t the same when they react, teachers can use competitions as way of trying
make in class a healthy environment because isn’t bad it could be a good
motivations for some of the students because it makes them work hard to show
that they are good and have knowledge, moreover another way of making a healthy
environment in the class is using an effective rewards system, because rewards
are of the most effective ways to motivate someone if they know that there is a
reward if they done a certain act in a right way. All this types of methods to
make the students feel comfortable in class, so teachers can know more about
them and what the best way to motivate them for studying.

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Second thing, to develop a motivation program is to give
them a sense of responsibility. Teachers can help students to have a sense of responsibility
by assigning to them tasks. These tasks will help them to feel responsibility
like assigning to them community and charity work, after that they will feel
more motivated for work and achieving their goals, and some of the students
will reach out to do some of the leading activities so, they can feel more
valuable, of course not every student will have the same respond so, teachers
need to use different methods to make the students feel responsible and to make
every single one of them motivated and excited about something they want to do
in the future.

The third thing for good motivation program for the students
is using effective motivators. Students need to listen and see about others
success stories. So they can know that there are people has achieved what they want,
also teachers need to help them to find a role model  that they look up to him because finding a
role model could be a very strong motivation for the students, and Following a
role model will make them try to follow his footsteps as guideline for them or at
least it gives them a vision on what they want to be in the future, also
teachers need encourage the students to achieve their goals and to be their
best and keep them motivated and always supporting them and giving them advice
and guidance that they need until they achieve their goals.

In the end I want to say whatever methods and techniques
that teachers find it best to reach their students to motivate them. Teachers
always need to support their students and keep them motivated and offer to them
advice if they needed it even without asking for it, because this students is
the future and we need them to be the best that they can be for the future of
this country, for that we need a hard worker and motivated students that never
give up until they reach their goals to ensure that future. Thank you everyone
for your time.                   

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