Heinz not existed before Heinz’ company was founded.

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Heinz has
demonstrated throughout the years that they are a company that want to be the
most successful they can be. They have used the four Ps to their advantage very
well. Their main product that
propelled them into such mainstream success is their ketchup, which had caught
the attention of everyone during the end of the 19th century. With
such success, they were able to expand their placement to the UK, officially becoming an international success.
As for the price, they have always
kept it as low as they could, especially with their tomato soup being as low as
95p. Their promotion was slightly different in comparison to Apple, as not only
did they advertise through their posters with slogans such as ‘Every grocer
sells them. Heinz for quality.’, they have done it mostly through morally good
ways, for example by giving their products away for free to the soldiers during



Heinz has
built their trust with the public for a much longer period of time than many
other companies have done, for example Apple. Heinz has also increased their
trust in people, for example by keeping their products vegetarian and
vegan-friendly, establishing the Heinz Charitable Trust, which has ‘long been
committed to providing support to promote the quality of life among the
communities’ in which they are present, and most notably feeding the British
troops in the trenches during WW1.

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The Heinz
brand sky-rocketed in popularity after their ketchup became a worldwide
phenomenon. Nowadays, other companies such as Hellman’s have rose in popularity
as it has become a popular, cheaper substitute for the people that do not want
to pay more money for basically the same thing.






Heinz had
penetrated the market by introducing the world to ketchup, which had not
existed before Heinz’ company was founded. The public had liked the new product
so much, that it became an instant hit, bringing in lots and lots of profits
for the company and encouraging them to create more products. Their other
products include their trademark canned tomato soup, BBQ sauce, mustard,
mayonnaise and even spaghetti.



Heinz has
continued to develop their products and brand since then, most notably by
creating more products such as their own mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, mustard and by
branching out slightly, by creating their own famous canned tomato soup, which
was given to soldiers during WW1 to feed them in the trenches.



Heinz has
become the household name it is today through diversification. It is a well-known
fact that Heinz was the first company in the US and UK that have created
ketchup, which caught on with the public and received positive feedback. Fast
forward 140 years later and whatever store you go to, you will see a bottle of
Heinz ketchup stacked on shelves. You will also see many other products with
the Heinz branding, from horseradish to even canned tomato soup.



(formerly known as The H. J. Heinz Company) is an American food processing
company that was founded in 1869 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Almost 150 years
later, they are a well-known household brand most famous for their condiments,
such as their ketchup.



Apple have
demonstrated throughout the years that they are a company that want to be the
most successful they can be. They have used the four Ps to their advantage very
well. Their main product that
propelled them into such mainstream success is the iPhone, which caught the
attention of the younger generation as well as some of the older generation.
Their placement was somewhat unique,
as instead of just selling their phones in usual stores like Carphone Warehouse
or in carrier stores like O2, they would sell them in their own stores, which
are very eye-catching as they look like glass cubes. As for the price, it is somewhat high, but it was
understandable back then, as it was seen as acceptable to put a high price tag
on something so revolutionary. However more recently as with the rise of
Android, people have been saying that their phones are overpriced, and that the
price should be lowered to be more accessible for others with less disposable
income. Their promotion and
advertisement campaigns have changed as well to more abstract and minimalistic
(compared to their advertisements in the 80s). This was probably done so it is
more memorable and appealing, especially to their younger demographic which is
their target audience.



The iPhone
has built their trust in the public by satisfying the customer’s wants by
manufacturing a device that includes everything that a customer might need (music
player, games, browser, entertainment apps such as YouTube, etc). With Apple
being founded in 1976, they have already built trust with the public, forming a
loyal fanbase from the products they have sold back then, and pulled in more
fans of their products from today’s generation. Their attempt at relationship
marketing is nothing short of successful.



The iPhone
itself is a product and a brand that is owned by Apple. Apple is well known for
developing and selling their signature MacBooks and iPhones. If you look at
Apple under a technical aspect or any articles comparing iPhones to their
competition (Android), you’ll see that their phones in terms of specs are ‘lagging’,
with some saying they are “overpriced”. However, millions of people still flock
to (or even camp out outside) the Apple Store at the end of the year to just
get their hands on the newest iPhone. This proves that it is well known, and
people are willing to spend a huge chunk of their disposable income for a



The iPhone’s
attempt and market penetration was definitely successful, as they achieved it
through innovation. They combined three products into one small device, which
was something no other company has ever done before. This also developed the
market for the mobile industry, with touchscreens, WiFi and a high quality camera
(comparable to a professional DSLR) now becoming essential in a mobile phone
nowadays. Apple’s market penetration was so effective, that the product became
a worldwide phenomenon.

Market penetration/development


The iPhone
has developed a lot since 2007, with more and more features being added in each
new rendition. Nowadays, smartphones in general are so powerful that they are
replacing PCs and pretty much the entirety of the ‘dumbphones’ industry which
had ruled prior to the iPhone. As for their desktop and laptop department, they
continue to be sold at a high price with a high amount of people willing to buy
their products. They have drastically changed the design of their PCs and
laptops, from being big, bulky and beige to being small, minimalistic and
appealing to everyone that takes a look at them, with all of their products
having the company’s logo on the back on them.



It is safe to
say that Apple’s attempt at diversification was successful. In the early 80s,
Apple has built desktop PCs with their own proprietary MacOS that had rivalled
Microsoft’s MS-DOS and Windows. Since then, the company has made numerous
advancements with most notably the announcement and release of the iPhone in
2007. The phone was hailed as ‘revolutionary’ and millions of people wanted to
get their hands on this phone. All the phones before that period have been your
average flip phones or a Nokia with a keypad, which didn’t do much apart from
sending and receiving calls and text messages and play Snake. The iPhone
featured a touch screen, built-in browser and a music player in one.



Apple Inc is
a company that was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak which
primarily specialises in selling their own branded desktop PCs, tablets and
phones. They have built up the most popularity in 2007 with the announcement
and release of the iPhone, a back-then revolutionary device that combined an
iPod (another product of theirs), an internet browser and a phone in one. No
other phone had done that before, so it was a pretty big deal for Apple.



marketing is a strategy used in business which targets customers in a way to
make them do “one off” transactions. Transactional marketing’s purpose
is to maximize a business’s sales efficiency, most commonly by boosting the
volume of individual sales, instead of developing an ongoing relationship with
the consumer like with relationship marketing. Survival strategies are
strategies that help the company pull through and continue being successful.
One of the most popular strategies are the four Ps; product, place, price and

Marketing or Survival Strategies


marketing is a scheme that is aimed at developing and managing trusting and
long-term relationships with larger customers. In relationship marketing,
things such as customer profiles, buying patterns, and history of contacts are
kept in a sales database and an account executive is assigned to one or more
major customers to fulfil their needs and maintain the relationship.



Branding is the
process of creating a unique name and image for a product, mainly through
advertising campaigns. Branding aims to establish a significant presence in the
market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Throughout the years,
companies have changed the way they brand, from short memorable names to
minimalistic logos that people will quickly remember what they are once they
see them in public.



development is a growth strategy that identifies and develops a new market for
current products. A market development strategy could target non-buying
customers in currently targeted segments and new customers in new segments.



development is the creation of products with new or different characteristics
that offer new or additional benefits to the customer on an already existing
market. Product development may be as small as a change of an existing product
or its presentation, to as large as the formulation of an entirely new product
that satisfies a newly defined customer want. Usually cheaper ‘knock-off’
alternatives (such as clothes, food, etc.) will be in this section, as they are
technically new products with minor or no changes, but in an already existing
market. This can be particularly difficult to make profit out of because of a
similar issue to the one in diversification, which is that it can be risky but instead
of the market being new, but rather that there already is an existing market in
which people would rather buy the product from a popular brand such as Adidas
or Quaker, instead of the usually cheaper alternative.



is a corporate strategy to enter into a new market or industry which the
business is not currently in, whilst also creating a new product for that new
market. Like in the name, the company may try to be diverse and separate itself
from the different competitors for a chance to be more memorable and possibly
appeal to a broader demographic. This can be extremely risky (especially if the
company is new), as if this fails the company might suffer huge losses after investing
a large chunk of money into the product or if it’s a small company, they might
have to shut down as they will not have enough profit going in and declare
themselves bankrupt. Usually large established companies like Samsung, the
Coca-Cola Company, etc. do these things and are 100% confident their product
will gain some traction. This technique can be seen on Ansoff’s Matrix, as
diversification sits at the New Market/New Product box.


Marketing Techniques

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