Hegde the bearing capacity improvement and settlement

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Hegde and
Sitharam (2013) conducted
laboratory model tests and numerical analysis on sand and clay bed reinforced with
geocell supported by square foundation. 3 sets of tests were conducted such as
unreinforced bed, reinforced with geocell and reinforced with combination of
geocell and planar geogrid for both sand and clay bed separately and results
were obtained. For sand bed the ultimate bearing capacity was increased by 2.4
times and that for clabed was by 3.2 times by the incorporation of geocell.
They found that addition of planar geogrid at the base of geocell mattress not
only increases the bearing capacity but also arrests the surface heaving and
prevents the footing from rotational failure. Modulus of subgrade reaction was
also increased. The numerical analysis was carried out in the fast Lagrangian
analysis of continua in 2D (FLAC2D). The numerical analysis shows
similar result as in the experimental analysis. But it over estimates the
ultimate bearing capacity of sand bed.

Mandal and Sah
(1992) conducted bearing
capacity test to determine the bearing capacity improvement and settlement
characteristics when clay subgrade reinforced with geogrid. Maximum bearing
capacity ratio of 1.36 was obtained at u/B = 0.175. The maximum percentage
reduction in settlement was observed when the reinforcement is at a depth of
0.25B from the base of the square footing.

Dutta and Mandal
(2015) prepared the geocell
mattress with waste plastic bottles to reinforce the clay bed to improve its
bearing capacity by conducting laboratory model test. Flyash was used as the
infill material. The effect of parameters such as height and width of the
geocell mattress on footing pressure and surrounding surface deformation were
studied. Flyash bed reinforced with geocell mattress along with the basal
bamboo grid and jute geotextile separator over the clay bed shows 7 times
higher footing capacity than unreinforced flyash bed without jute geotextile
separator. The height and width of the geocell mattress was increased to
improve the footing capacity and reduce the surface heave. 

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