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Hearing plays a significant role in
language and intellectual development. The impact of early diagnosis and
rehabilitation of newborns with hearing loss cannot be overstated. Since the
disease develops gradually over years while first signs can be detected early;
therefore early screening is the best way of prevention of advanced hearing
disorders. Congenital and acquired hearing loss in newborns and children can
lead to deficiencies and defects in the evolution of speech, poor educational
function, and lifelong social non-concurrence and emotional distress.
Pediatricians are required to identify at-risk children, intervene in a timely
and effective manner, and refer patients as necessary.The importance of early
diagnosis is cle ar, but diagnosis and treatment in the 1st months of life is a recent concept.The
initial signs of hearing loss are very subtle and systematic neonatal hearing
screening is the most effective tool for early detection of it. Hearing loss
affects around 3 out of every 1000 live births


Hearing is essential for
speech and language development, communication and learning. Children with
hearing loss continue to be under identified and underserved population and
their life is affected both quantitatively and qualitatively. Hearing loss in
children constitutes a considerable handicap because it is an invisible
disability that can compromise their optimal development and personal
achievement. The prevalence of congenital hearing loss has  been estimated to be 1.2  – 5.7 per thousand live births Early
detection and appropriate treatment provides 
the best choice maximizing the critical period of hearing and  thereby availing the resources to improve
hearing and oral  communication skills.
On the other hand late detection and treatment leaves the children with poor
speech development and school achievement. Programmes that focus on detecting
hearing disabilities at an early part of life help in improving the overall
development of the child in cognitive, motor and social domain.

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