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Any study that is related to healthy sexual relationships and reproductive health is of paramount importance to continuity of humanity. The healthy sexual relationship implies that the parties to the relationship are mutually benefiting. Thus this should impact positively especially on improvement of self –worth of both partners. The reproductive health pertains the well being of reproductive organs in all aspects but not limited to sex life which is adequately satisfying to both partners and also very secure in relation to risks of infections from sexually transmitted diseases. Here we are going to look at how birth control measures adversely affect the reproductive health of those who practice them. Also, we will outline some possible causes which are highly associated with high levels of transmission of sexually transmitted infections and also some various sexual practices which are safe to the partners and which can prevent these infections.

Effects of birth control on reproductive health

Most of the birth control measures usually affect the reproductive health of those who practice such measures adversely. One of the birth control methods which most people decide to undertake is the hormonal birth control method which functions by hindering the growth and development of the conceived egg in the reproductive system of the victim. A good example of this method is the use of pills.

This method exposes the victims to great dangers of side effects towards their reproductive system. Some of the examples of these side effects are: discharges of fluids from the vagina, a lot of infections of the vagina, the constant changes in menstruation circles and swelling of the breasts among many others. It should also be noted that some of these side effects are highly linked to other associated complication such as cancer. Secondly, the other birth control method is the use of condoms which are mainly used by the males but the female condoms are also available even though they are not very convenient to use. The condoms control pregnancy by hindering the sperms from entering the vagina thus preventing fertilization. These condoms pose great dangers to the victims because they can slide and also break in some instances (Collins, 2007, p.

75). These can lead to unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases which can completely damage the reproductive system leading to sterility.

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Causes of sexually transmitted diseases

Firstly, one of the possible cause which can be attributed to high rates of sexually transmitted diseases is the fact that majority of people have continued to exhibit high levels of ignorance by practicing unprotected sex. This has exposed many people to great dangers of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Secondly, the infected pregnant mothers can transmit some of these diseases to their babies either during delivery or during breast feeding. Thirdly, drugs and substance abuse can also lead towards the infections of sexually transmitted diseases in cases where people are sharing needles to inject drugs into their body. Other causes can also include sharing of sex instruments such as sex toys and also practicing oral sex with infected people (Collins, 2007, p. 23). Finally, fights and accidents can lead to contacts with infected blood thus transmitting venereal diseases.

Safe sexual practices which can prevent sexually transmitted diseases

There are various safe sexual practices which can prevent transmission of these venereal diseases. One of these practices is abstaining from sex which is the most effective practice.

Secondly, people should embrace monogamous marriages where partners are strictly faithful to one another. Other safe practices include indulging in sex when one is sober and also practicing masturbation when the right person to do sex with is not available (Collins, 2007, p. 67).


From the above discussion it is clear that the destiny of our lives is in our hands.

Thus, it is upon us to preserve the continuity of mankind or let it come to a miserable end. We should be careful while forming sexual relationships to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

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