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An “ideal” health care system is what every country strives for. We will focus on some key factors that need to be addressed in developing an “ideal” model of health care. One of the key factors that need to be addressed is the access to health care. One of the monumental decisions that must be made in any health care system is how much health care will be provided. The number of beds in hospitals, and nursing centers must be evaluated. Diagnostic equipment needed and the number of staff including physicians and nurses must be determined in order to asses how much health care will be provided.

Health care professionals are a big key factor in access to care is the compensation levels for healthcare professionals. Compensation of nurses and doctors both in the amount and the manner of reimbursement, relative to other health care professions within the country, will determine the supply of these nurses and physicians, and will have an impact on the level and amount of access to health care. The amount and type of medical technology, equipment and hospitals can be determined based on population and the age of the population.

Also, the overall health of the population and the willingness to wait for the health care provided. One of the biggest concerns of the overall healthcare system is the financing of the health care provided. The determining factor on how much health care is provided is solely based on the party financing health care and how much health care they decide to purchase. Public health is when governments pay for health care. The government is entitled to establish payment rates upon this health care and some even set strict guidelines as to who is covered by this health care.

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Also, some have limitations such as age and economic levels. Private health care is when individuals purchase health care on their own, although, some healthcare funding is provided by insurance companies. Some companies have purchased health care insurance for the people they hire, or there employees. Payment methodology in ensuring medical providers is very important in the health care model. If patients pay on a fee-for-service basis, physicians run more tests and the cost for the patient goes up and the more money the provider receives.

This results in physicians providing the appropriate amount of care to patients. If patients are to pay a fixed amount of money to providers, also known as capitation there may not be as much incentive for physicians to provide the appropriate care needed. Cost-based care is another approach to payment methodology of health care. With this approach, it is not certain that the care needed will be provided. It is important to provide incentives for healthy behaviors and lifestyles within a health care system. Requiring certain immunizations can improve the overall health of a country.

Providing health care to those people who cannot afford to pay for health care reduces the overall cost of health care. This health care provided to these people reduces the risk of having to provide greater, more expensive care later on. Uninsured people are more likely to go without preventative care and could potentially cost more later on without this preventative care. Decisions about how much care to provide at the end of life has a severe impact on the total cost of health care for a country. The most common reason for hospitalization for Medicare beneficiaries is congestive heart failure.

Litigation costs is another important public policy decision that must be made in order to determine how patients are compensated who were harmed by the health care system. In developing my ideal health care system, the access to health care would be easily accessible. I think everyone should be entitled to health care. The health care I would provide would be rather generalized, and offered to everyone for a monthly minimum or any way of contributing to the overall cost of the healthcare. It is solely up to each person and family whether to use this health care, as there are a few other ptions. There would be an adequate number of nurses and physicians available in each health care facility. The number of medical staff needed would be determined based on the prior year’s numbers of staff vs. patients. Technology would be generalized and standard in all facilities. There would be more specialized care in bigger hospitals and care clinics. Healthcare would not be denied to anyone if you need special care, and do not carry health care insurance. No one will be denied health care due to pre-existing conditions. The cost of the health care would be based on three different levels.

Public health would be offered to every citizen for an annual price, in one lump sum, or over the period of 12 months. This cost would be based on ones income, and can be adjusted if there would be a job loss, death, etc. The more people that belong to a family, the more money they will pay for public health. There will be a $600 pool of money for the year that the government will pay. If the cost of your service exceeds the $600 your have to pay a deductible depending on how much you exceeded the government minimum. Private health care would be available to every employee who holds a job for a period of 3 months or more.

Every employer must offer health insurance to their employees. The insurance provided is cheaper than that of the public health care provided and it can be taken directly out of your paycheck. Payment methodology would be cost-based. Consumers are responsible for shopping for the health care that best suits them. This will also help force providers to offer competitive prices for health care. Health care is offered to everyone by the government in my ideal health care system; however, routine immunizations and check ups must be upheld.

There are benefits and incentives no matter which form of health care you decide to use. Health care benefits are only offered to people showing healthy behaviors such as non smokers. Some of the benefits include discounted health care and a refund check at the end of each year for those people who did not use the minimum 600$ in health care. Preventative care and measures are taken and offered to each individual, no matter if they are insured or not. With these measures, it is potentially preventing the cause of a hospital stay or possible death later in life.

End of life care is to be determined by each individual. Each health care company will provide a minimum amount of money to be spent towards health care after the age of 80. After the minimum amount is exceeded, the individual must then decide to pick up the further costs, or discontinue seeking care. Litigation costs in my ideal health care system is compensated by provided discounted, or free of charge health care to those victims who were harmed by the health care system. These victims can choose which health care facility to be seen in and by which doctors and physicians.

Cultural competence will be provided through classes provided through each hospital, clinics, and health care facilities. These classes will focus on understanding and acknowledging people of different cultures or countries and how to treat them. Classes will focus on the majority of individuals from certain cultures, but are not limited to learning about others. All hospital staff will be required to attend these classes and address real life situations that may present themselves. These classes as well as real life experiences will help broaden the horizon of acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles.

The goal of my ideal health care system is to not be statistically above or below the norm for health care spending which could result in consequences in the global economy, and to provide adequate health care to every citizen without limitations. We may run into some faults and obstacles along the way of using my ideal health care system, but that is normal of any health care system. Trial and error must be kept in mind in developing the perfect, ideal health care system, but this is where I would start.

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