Healthcare between trusted partners. That being said if

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Healthcare is full of chances.
Investors take a chance on research & development returns,
Doctors take a chance when recommending a procedure. It is therefore
no surprise that the healthcare supply chain is facing big
challenges. After all this investment, research and knowledge gained,
why should our patients take a chance when on the receiving end of
medication or a medical device? The supply chains global security is
a vital component on a patients faith in medical care, the trust we
hold onto healthcare professionals arrives packaged and ready to
dispense after changing hands between trusted partners.

That being said if we turn to companies
such as, lidl & McDonalds. Their success can be
attributed to a robust supply chain. What we find in common between
these companies is their swiftness in adopting technology that suits
them specifically. No 2 supply chains are alike and one can not
compare the issue of falsified medicines with supplying food items,
they are just too dissimilar. Rather the pharmaceutical industry with
its long history of profitability seems to have ignored opportunities
to creatively adapt the secure supply chain.

The blockbuster model has been in place
for nearly a century, with the top 10 companies reaping the profits
for most of this time it is understandable that motivation to
significantly improve a supply chain that ‘works’ has not been the
focus for paradigm changes in the industry. However with emerging
markets suffering from unprecedented amounts of counterfeit products
and developed markets experiencing drug and device shortages,
strategic improvements in the healthcare supply chain could lead to
reduced costs, shorter lead times in manufacturing and a big
reduction in the stock levels required by distributors of medicines
and medical devices. The security of our supply has a lot to be
desired, making it harder for falsified products to enter the supply
chain will ultimately mitigate the detrimental cost to humans and
financial burden of medication errors.

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