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This report give information on opportunities in health services management. It is expected that a proposal to have Heritage University develop and offer a health services management curriculum at the undergraduate level will be submitted within six months.

Employment Opportunities
Places of employment. People who are able to manage health services are needed in a wide variety of work settings. The most common place of employment for these individuals is hospitals, followed by the offices of physicians, dentists, and other health-related practitioner.

Employment outlook. Careers in the health-care area are included in the “Ten Best Careers for the 90’s” It is expected that the demand for health services managers will be string as the country’s population ages and needs increased health-care services. Also, demand for managers will increase as the providers of health care become more oriented to the bottom line because of competition.

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Educational Opportunities
“In 1984, about 100 colleges and universities offered bachelor’s degree programs in health services administration. About 70 schools had programs leading to the master’s degree in hospital or health services administration…”
Bachelor’s degree programs. Health services managers are often recruited form the college or university from which they were graduated. In larger hospitals, they are often recruited to fill assistant department head positions. In smaller hospitals, they may be able to enter at eh department head level.

Additional Information
The organizations listed below will be contacted to gather additional information about academic programs in health services management. These organizations will be asked to recommend a curriculum design expert who could assist in developing the courses in the major.

1. American College of Health care Executives, 849 North Lake Shoure Drive, Chicago, IL 60611.

2. Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 1911 Fort Meyer Drive, Suite 503, Arlington, VA 22209.

3. National Health Council, Health Careers Programs, 70 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018.

4. American College of Health Care Administers, P.O. Box 5890, 8129 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814.


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