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An online resume
builder website was selected to demonstrate the implementation for this
assignment. The online resume builder website is mainly centralized around
assisting users in reaching career goals, and allowing users to connect to
other professionals in the workplace. The user experience with the online
resume builder website will provide users with a great professional learning
opportunity. The website provides a creative way to construct a professional
resume around key distinct areas of interest. The website also allows users to
attach array of media to their professional profiles such as; images,
documents, links, and videos.

First, users will
access the online resume builder website via a computer or mobile device. Users
will need to sign up or log in into valid user account for authentication. Then
users will be prompted to construct or build a user professional profile. This
process will consist of listing previous work experiences and making sure all
professional information is up to date and detailed as possible. Users will
also be given the option to add education, skills, and overall professional
objectives.  Once the user has completed
filled in the user profile section, the user will be prompted with options to
search for employment opportunities or other professionals. The search feature
will also allow users to search by keywords or key terms.

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options can be totally assorted from a simple icon button to a sophisticated
drop-down list feature. Once the specific requirements for the user’s online
profile has been meet.  The user will be
prompted with the extra option to pay for advance job search features and
benefits provided by the website’s membership package. By providing this
illustration in the user interface the website should appear to users as an
attractive, recognizable, and straightforward process.


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