Have you ever been in dire need of funding for your business? Are you starting a business and need funding? If yes, then this article is for you.  In this age and era, graduating from the University to start job hunting is gradually becoming obsolete. People, especially the younger generation, have begun tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit. Businesses spring up everywhere,  start-ups are flooding our city;  everybody wants to start and own something.One major challenge to the aforementioned is funding.  Ideas abound, but there is little or no funding to turn these ideas into reality. If you’re currently struggling to get fundings for your ideas,  or to expand an already existing business, know that you’re not alone in this, there is a community of people just like you. I’m going to be sharing five ways to start a business with little or no money. You might be restricted to limited financial resource, when starting a business,  but that shouldn’t discourage you.  You can start off with little or no money, if you have the right combination of skills,  work ethic and marketing know-how. These steps would help you in starting a business with limited financial strength. ### 1. Create/Make Something Putting those skills to work in creating or making something, would go a long way in raking in money. You probably learnt how to make leather flip-flops, Ankara bags or footwears, cakes, clothing, creams and lotions, beads, jewelries etc. It doesn’t matter what you learnt, you can utilize those skills by making something  you’re really good at. You can put up what you made for sale on different online market places,  there are several of them:  Abe’s market; they specialize  in organic and natural products, Etsy.com is an online market place that specializes in everything home made, bonanza.com is a growing hand made market place,  it’s similar to Etsy.com, eBay is one of the biggest online market places, it’s customizable listing options makes it an incredible choice in selling your products. Others like aftcra(http://www.aftcra.com), artfire(https://www.artfire.com), Bigcartel(https://www.bigcartel.com), craftstar(https://www.theworkathomewoman.com/bethan-davies/),  Dewanda(https://en.dawanda.com) and icraftgifts(http://icraftgifts.com)### 2. Put up your old stuff for resale. Not everyone is skilled at making stuff,  that doesn’t mean they are disadvantaged. If you take a good look at your closet, kitchen, room,  or basements, you’d find stuff you’ve not used in years, it could be clothing, footwears, utensils, sporting equipments, appliances etc you can grow a large business just by collecting and reselling this stuffs.For antique or vintage items, visit online market places like Ruby lane(https://www.rubylane.com) and TIAS( http://www.tias.com). For books; bookfinder(https://www.bookfinder.com/buyback/), bookscouter(https://bookscouter.com)and cash4books(http://www.cash4books.net/?ref=351335).For CDs, DVDs and Video games; amazon(https://www.amazon.com/b?device=mobile&node=9187220011),  decluttr(http://www.decluttr.com),  secondspin(https://www.secondspin.com).For Cell phones and Electronics; exchangemyphone(http://www.exchangemyphone.com),  gamestop(http://www.gamestop.com/INTL/choose_site_all.html), usell(https://www.usell.com).For clothing; crossroads(https://crossroadstrading.com), grailed(https://www.grailed.com), instagram(https://www.xojane.com/clothes/buying-and-selling-clothes-on-instagram) with the hash tag #shopmycloset. OLX(https://www.olx.com.ng/m/difm/?invite=hydra_youtube–679513864&utm_source=google-search&utm_campaign=sem-difm-ng-en-web-0-brand-acq-keyword&channel=youtube&campaign=you-difm-ng-en-web-0-generic-acq-broad), jiji(https://jiji.ng/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAtJbTBRDkARIsAIA0a5OntVMJN51Qoi5WC3wdKCL-9U9mfrwGhQIrxT6hzjkGlWup1PI_4gQaAkdlEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=, ukrika(https://vc4a.com/ventures/ukrika/), these websites are strictly to Nigeria only. ### Get paid for your servicesYou can see your service instead of a physical Product . The services you can offer are limitless,  your limitation is fuel by your inability to deliver and little or no skill.Online platforms where you can sell your services include fiverr(https://www.fiverr.com/?&u_sou=google&u_med=cpc-brand&u_cam=G_ROW-EN_Brand&u_ter=one-fiverr_%28exact%29&u_con=AdID%5e125394642908%5eKeyword%5efiverr%5ePlacement%5e%5eDevice%5em&lpcat=br_general&caid=%7bcampaign_id%7d&agid=33518326868&ad_id=125394642908&kw=fiverr&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtJbTBRDkARIsAIA0a5MtXUljeo0kQfe_cmWa3UinQXTFD18k7-IPOqrcnOCuYjoG1_TkN6MaAgMeEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds), craigslist(https://accra.craigslist.org), freelance(https://m.freelancer.com)  skillshare(https://www.skillshare.com) and elance(https://www.elance.com/php/landing/main/login.php)### Barter for your needStarting a business with no funding is started a bit difficult,  but you can get what you need for that business by bartering for it. Let’s say you want to start a web designing firm and you need a laptop,  you can strike a deal with the laptop dealer by building a website for his business in exchange for the laptop,  as simple as that. Let’s say you want to open a laundry service and there’s a family that wants to sellboff their old washing machine,  you could strike a deal with them by by babysitting their child over a period of time in exchange for the washing machine. ### Make use of low cost services. Instead if paying heavily in trying to get your business started,  you could use sites that offer low cost services,  sites like fiverr or elance. Lets say you’re looking at designing a logo for your company,  you could browse these website in search of a a designer that matches your taste and style,  and charges within the limit of what you can afford.  You could also make use of coupons codes on sites like retailmenot(https://www.retailmenot.com). 

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