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Have you heard of that “conspiracy theory” about the lizard people? You know, the ones who control every single government and every single major company on Earth? Now, now, I know what you’re going to say: “That’s completely ludicrous. Those are just stories people on the internet write when they’re bored.” Well, you’re partially correct. Many of those stories are just written by people who want attention or just want to make a few bucks off of people. The entire conspiracy goes much, much deeper and is very much more sinister. You see, these lizard people, Reptilians as they’re really called, are responsible for every single tragedy the human race has ever suffered. 9/11, the Holocaust, climate change. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Anyway, allow me to grace you with cold, hard evidence that I, and many others, have managed to collect, sometimes at great personal risk.The Reptilians have been altering the DNA of every human for thousands of years. As a result, the Reptile brain is the oldest of the three parts that control the brain. This is causing a limit in our consciousness, preventing humanity from using our brains to their full capacity, as well as making us easier to control. This change is the building blocks of life has allowed Reptilians living in the lower fourth dimension (outside our realm of awareness) to possess those living with Reptilian DNA. These possessed individuals gained power in ancient civilizations, such as Sumer, Babylon, and Mesopotamia. From there, humans and Reptilians spread across the world and became many of the royal families we can recognize today. Besides just altering our DNA, they have been able to distract us with media, entertainment, and the mess we call politics.Now, I have just loaded you with a bunch of information, much of it sounds a little ridiculous. But don’t give up on me yet. There’s still so much information you need to know before it’s too late. They have an advanced hierarchy they conform to. There are two main classes of Reptilians. Those are the purebloods and the half-breeds. Purebloods are fully aware that they are Reptilians and can change forms between their true Reptilian shape and their human disguise. In fact, they don’t even wear a physical disguise. It’s really just them creating vibrations that alter the human mind, making it appear as though they are a normal size human, instead of a ten-foot-tall reptile. The half-breeds, however, do not know they are Reptilian and think they are human, but they are possessed by Reptilians living in the lower fourth dimension to push the New World Order. Purebloods are separated into different races as well. At the top there are the albino, winged reptiles called Dracos. Below them are the Reptoids, who are basically the footsoldiers and scientists of the Reptilians. They don’t have any wings are brown and green-skinned. Reptoids are primarily responsible for secret government programs.I’m about to tell you the most important piece of information you need to know. If you take absolutely nothing else away from this, remember this. Maybe if you don’t believe me, you’ll believe by seeing for yourself. I’m going to tell you how to spot a Reptilian. If you can at least recognize a potential Reptilian there may be a chance. Reptilians in disguise, as well as people with Reptilian DNA, generally are Caucasian with green, hazel, and sometimes blue eyes. It’s usually impossible to see them because they have had thousands of years to discover how to hide from humans, but one thing you can look for is how they act. Reptilians usually lack empathy, don’t express love, and are incredibly intelligent. They act in very similar ways to psychopaths. Supposedly, if you are desperate, you may be able to see glimpses of them if you watch TV in slow motion. A Reptilian’s image could get slightly distorted and with scaly skin. This is an extremely unreliable way of viewing, however, so just because you don’t see anything wrong with a leader on television doesn’t mean they aren’t a Reptilian. I can hear sirens in the distance. I think they’ve found me out. They’re coming to silence me. I need to wrap this up quickly. You must believe what I’m saying. The future of the human race depends on it. I don’t know for sure what their master plan is, but I’ve brainstormed a few ideas that would make sense. They may need our gold to fix their home planet’s atmosphere. Gold is an incredibly non-toxic metal, so it would be possible with their advanced technology to utilize the metal to stabilize their atmosphere. Another very likely explanation is that they simply need to have power over others. They crave to subjugate the less-powerful and force them to do their will. Or they just love life as rulers. The third reason I’ve thought of may be a little too “out there” for you to readily accept, but it could explain their desire to cause suffering with everything they do. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Reptilians are lower fourth dimension beings, so they are capable of a number of things us third-dimensional being are incapable of. Including feeding off of negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and fear. Unfortunately, without any obvious proof as to the activity of the Reptilians, there’s no way for me to prove any of this. That’s where I need you all to come in. The more people we have included in this search, the more likely we are to uncover the truth and put a stop to these interdimensional creatures.I can hear agents moving into my building. They’ve found me. I leave this final information on the internet. Avenge me. Put a stop to these things. 

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