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Have you ever thought of being somebody else even only for one day? It sounds fun,right? That is not what Alex Grey thinks. Alex is the main character in the book Flip byMartyn Bedford. One morning, he wakes up and finds himself not only in somebody else’sroom but in somebody else’s body too, the body of another fourteen years old boy, namedPhilip Garamond. He is confused because he cannot understand how that happened. The lastthing he remembers was going home in a late night in December and when he wakes up it isJune. First Alex goes through every reasonable explanation to understand why and how this’body switch’ happened. After a lot of research he eventually finds out that he was a victimof a hit and run accident and now his body lays in a coma in a hospital back in his hometown.As we read the book we discover facts about Alex and Philip lives. Alex’s struggle and fightto understand what happen to him and who he really is and his fight to go back to his bodyrelates to many the themes of the book such as teenagers’ identity and the struggle to bethemselves, not to let drawn by the “current” and try to become somebody else and how it isnot only our physical appearance that makes us who we really are but also our inner self too.The author tries to give to the reader a very important message, try to be You, because notalways what we perceive of other people’s lives is at it seems.Alex and Flip share a few common similarities but they have many differences. Theyboth are teenagers, 14 years old and surprisingly they were born at the same date and at thesame hospital, a fact that probably contributed to the “psychic evacuation” or “consciousnessswitch” at the first place. Although Alex, tries to live in Flip's body, he doesn't behave likehim, he doesn't have the same interests as him, which makes him even more determined tofind a way to return in his body. As more time passes in Philip’s body, the more Alex realizesthat Philip and he are opposites. Flip is everything that Alex is not; he is born in a wealthyfamily, strong in body and very popular especially among girls, but Alex’ family is notwealthy, and he is not in good health, he has asthma and cannot run or do something withouthaving his puffer close by, and he has few friends. After many struggles to find what happento his body, at one point he was thinking maybe he could live as Flip : ;If he allowed himself,he could imagine things continuing like this. Merge his life with Flip's. Accept the switch,adapt and move on — like the others of his kind had done. Carry on being Philip Garamond,or at least the new, modified Alex-as- Flip he was starting to turn into. With Alex's spirit inFlip's body, he could stay in Litchbury….complete his education at a good school…After that,a long, healthy life to look forward to, another sixty, seventy years, maybe. He could bewhatever, and whoever, he liked”. But would it be him? Would he think and see himself asFlip or Alex? He cannot accept that. He realizes that being himself is more important thanbeing popular and rich. Living like Flip will mean living a lie and lie to himself and to peoplearound him. For him it becomes a question of truthfulness and integrity. “But that wasn'tbeing himself. Being properly himself. That life would mean living a lie…”. As we can seethroughout the book, the author uses the third narrative point of view, which makes the novelmore effective for the readers. The situation and events in the book are shown through theeyes of an interesting character such as Alex. It gives the reader the possibility to explorehow the main character’s itself and his perspective about life evolves and changes. From aconfused boy at the beginning of the novel, Alex becomes a really determined, thoughtfuland full of appreciation of life.Who we really are? Who do we want to be? How we define ourselves? How othersperceive us? These are important issues that the book Flip deals with. In the book, MartynBedford, gradually discovers the characters to us, through the interaction with othercharacters in the book and the building of the suspense through their actions, which makesthe reading a very enjoyable experience. Every one of us during the teenager’s age goesthrough the identity issues like the main character in Flip. Every teenager can relate and findhimself or herself in Alex. Like the main character, reading the book will make youappreciate more life and the importance of family and friends around. Sometimes in life wemay find trouble and struggle, but at least it is our life and it is worth trying and fighting forit.

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