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Have you ever thought of the Holocaust bring real life a Witch Hunt? Hitler attacked Jews as a form of dictatorship, just like many people in higher social classes killed “Witches” many years ago. Fidel Castro once said, “There is nothing that compares to the holocaust”. Could the Witch Trials be one thing? Different events can show how the Witch Hunt and the Holocaust are alike. A modern day Witch Hunt can relate to the holocaust because of the amounts of people killed for no reason, the kidnapping of innocent people, and false accusations.

          Adolf Hitler is known as one of the most powerful and harmful dictators in the world. In the 20th century he singled out the Jewish race and tried scare them into thinking what he thought was right. If they did not agree with him or change their thinking, then he would send them to infectious concentration camps, make them work hard, and then if they didn’t already die- kill them. Sometimes he would perform mass killings by putting his prisoners in gas chambers and killing them, which is obviously a form of torture. “Bread, soup – these were my whole life. I was a body. Perhaps less than that even: a starved stomach. The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time”- Elie Wiesel (Night, 73). Hitler degraded people. He dangled things in his prisoners’ faces to tease them when they couldn’t have something. “In A huge, empty room: we are tired, standing on our feet, with a tap which drips while we cannot drink the water, and we wait for something which will certainly be terrible, and nothing happens and nothing continues to happen” (Levi, 22). By the end of World War II 6 million Jews died. Things were alike with the Witch Hunt, which was a search for people that were called “witches” or did things involving witchcraft. When a witch was found, they were tortured just like the Jews. Some witches were stoned, hung, and most were burned at the stake. In both situations mostly innocent people were killed for no reason.
Hitler kidnapped innocent people. This was unfair because children were born into being a Jew and didn’t really have a choice. Both the Holocaust and the Witch Trials punished people they thought were different and came from the devil. Hatred towards both groups of people was something they both had in common. People in other parts of the world hated Jews because they weren’t “normal” like Christians. Hitler used this as an excuse to keep them in concentration camps. In the Salem Witch Trials, the women who were blamed for witchcraft were the people who were different. When a “witch” was convicted, they were held prisoner and then killed soon later. So just like the Jews, the so-called “witches” lives were taken also.
        Lastly, Hitler falsely accused Jews. Hitler and the Nazi’s blamed Jewish people for the loss of World War I, which is totally untrue. During the Salem Witch Trials, the people in society pushed witches out and even people who they felt could be future “witches” by killing them. People that were accused of being a witch or having anything to do with witchcraft often falsely accused others to get the blame or heat off of themselves. “So many improbable people had been named witches that even the public grew skeptical of each other,” (Foulds, 7). Hitler also falsely accused Jews of looking suspicious, which the public eventually fell into. Jews were always hated by society but once Hitler came up with the idea that Jews were “dangerous” they started getting killed. At first the Jews were just banned from society just like witches who were being rejected by society. Hitler accused Jews of being an alien race that could be a threat to the the German race, just like outsiders thought certain people were witches. Witches are influenced by the devil and evil spirits. Even if there was no actual proof that someone was a witch, they would be convicted anyway. “Much of the testimonies made (about witches) were based only on spectral evidence and impassioned claims that witches were sending out wicked spirits to wreck on mischief” (Foulds, 7).
Overall, both the Holocaust and the Salem Witch Trials were horrible events that took place in our world’s history. They can relate by of the amount of people executed for unjust reason, the instinct of prejudice, and the estrangement of innocent people. As much as history tends to repeat itself, no event could top the loss of these situations. Both Hitler and Witch killers killed and tortured innocent people that were different from the majority. Jews and “Witches” were pushed out of their own society for “looking suspicious” and being a possible danger to the public. Through obvious reasons, we can really see how Witch Trials and the Holocaust can be compared.

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