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Hard work brings alot of stress and affects psychologically and physically in us. When we engagemore than normal, we need to manage the time exactly, so productivity is thesame. We all have busy moments at work when there is so much to do to get astressful sensation because there are deadlines to be respected. Step one: Plan to have arest .It is best to plan a certain time to rest. It would be good to calm downboth before and after the big workload to make shorter breaks even duringworking hours. Even a five-minute break when you go to the toilet or drinksomething helps clarify you.

Moreover, do not eat lunch on the desktop. Getaway from it, as it affects psychologically.Step two: Simplify yourlife. Create yourself the opportunity to be totally focused on work,simplifying your life.

You can hire other people to do some serious work or youcan ask your friends to give you a hand during this time. When you are at thepeak of work, the last thing you would want is not to worry, there are somework that needs to be done at home or starting a personal project.Step three: Flick.

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If itis difficult to find time for the gym, then there are several alternatives.First of all, you can take a walk during lunch break or go on foot or on abicycle at work. But do not forget that there are some exercises specificallycreated to be done while you are ahead of the desktop.

Step four: Take care ofthe body. You need to make the right choices in the foods you eat. With smalland frequent meals during the day, you will keep the blood sugar level and youwill be focused and full of energy. This will help you avoid nervousness.

Donot forget to sleep as long as possible at night. When your body stops,productivity will be greater.Step five: Find the righttime.

Some people are more productive during the early hours of the morning.But some do fine things during the late hours of the night. Find the time whenyou are more productive and work during these hours if your responsibilityagrees with this.Step six: Find time foryourself. Although there may be a few minutes, it is best to leave some timefor an activity you like to do. You can read a book, take a bath, play a gameon your handset, or enjoy a yoga session. The idea is to remove stress, to becool when you resume work.

Step seven: Do not overdoit with work. It is normal that you sometimes do more work. But it is not goodto get more loads when you have a lot of work to do when you are forced to work56 hours a week, your productivity decreases. Research shows that even if youwork 56 hours a week or even if you work 70, it does not matter because theproductivity is the same. So if you plan to work 70 hours a week, 14 hours arecausing you harm.Step eight: Reflect foryour busy season. When you’re busy season ends, though there may be a fewminutes, take some time off the whole procedure and analyze what went wrong andwhat you did not like.

In this way you will draw the problems and next time youwill know how to manage them better.  

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