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H World HistoryBiography Extra CreditJulius Caesar          Julius Caesar was born in July of 100 B.C. into the aristocratic patrician family of Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta. At the age of six Caesar’s education began. Taught by Marcus Antonius Gnipho his studies revolved around important skills needed to be a leader of Rome. Writing, reading, learning about Roman Law, and how to speak in public shaped Caesar into the influential leader and dictator of Rome. At sixteen his father died leaving Caesar the head of the family. A year later he married Cornelia, a wealthy nobleman’s daughter. He then served in the military, in the province of Asia and Cilicia. To start off his political career he began as a prosecuting advocate. Building further Caesar worked with Pompey and served in several key government positions one of which consul and governor of the Roman province of Spain. He was respected by his army and considered, along with Pompey, one of the greatest generals in the Roman Army. Caesar did not stop there but instead formed the First Triumvirate, a strategic political alliance among Crassus the Rich, Pompey, and himself. The triumvirate rose to power and was able to pass bills proposed by Caesar. After seven years the triumvirate began to fall apart, starting with the death of Crassus. Pompey and Caesar then turned against each other leading to battles between the armies of both men. Victorious, Caesar returned to Rome and was appointed dictator for life by the senate. As the absolute ruler he was able to pass many reforms. Such as, granting citizenship to people in provinces, expanding the senate, helping the poor by creating jobs, started colonies where people without land could own property, and increased pay for soldiers. Caesars growth in power and popularity concerned senators and nobles as they feared they were losing influence. A group of senators plotted his murder and stabbed him to death in the Senate.         Julius Caesar is considered one of the most influential peopl in World History. This is because of his many accomplishments and how they shaped not only Roman history but the history of the world. For example his mastery of strategy, tactics, discipline, and military engineering are still admired and studied today. He was able to expand the power of Rome and redrew the map of Europe and the East, creating provinces that outline nations that exist currently. His efforts spread Roman knowledge, culture, and customs that continue to influence the modern world. The reforms, initiated by Caesar, meant to strengthen Rome and benefit its people still resonate in modern times. Encouraging the rich to take care of the poor, increasing facilities available to the public, promoting job creation for the unemployed, and many more reforms reflected the democratic principle that all citizens should be valued. These values are fundamental to many nations today including the United States. Caesar also used the Egyptian system of chronological time keeping to create an accurate calendar. He set alternating months of 30 and 31 days with February at 29 days and adding an extra day every four years. Commonly known nowadays as a leap year. Julius Caesar was very influential in Ancient Rome and continues to shape current day events through his actions in the past.

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