Guolding projects, Goulding house is a meditation on

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Guolding House

Originally Goulding house was designed for Sir Basil Goulding, a great gardener and art collector; He was so concerned about his beautiful gardens that he wanted a new building to take up as little of the garden as possible. The resulting design cantilevered over the river and is supported on the only rock outcrop available without disturbing the natural vegetation of the river.


The building is essentially a rectangular box, five bays long by three bays wide. Diagonal bracing effectively converts the side elevations into beam structures, and a steel column support at the second bay from the rock face below together with rock anchors make possible the three-bay cantilever over the river. The first three bays of the side elevation are infilled with cedar sheeting as a link with the woodland garden.

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As one of Scott Tallon Walker’s most successful domestic projects, Goulding house is a meditation on the building as an object in the environment. The meshing of the ecological considerations onsite with a modernist aesthetic has produced a project that is of national importance. The simplicity of the building’s form and proportion allows the structure to act as the main ordering device onsite while the mature garden surrounding it provides shelter and privacy to building users.



The materiality of the project echoes the building’s surroundings: dark steel columns resonate against the form of the surrounding trees while timber infill panels soften the modernist design and link the building to the garden in which it sits. The client brief focused on the relationship between the structure and the existing ecology allowing for a design solution that reconciles the indoor and the outdoor environment seamlessly.


The building has since been restored by the present owners respecting all the original details. The landscaping now is even more than 30 years ago. The house and garden cannot be discovered from one another, each id dependent on the other. The house is like nature itself; it has its own structural validity. Today this flirtatious relationship between the summer house and the garden is further exaggerated by the continual growth of foliage.


Since 1928 the firm of Scott Tallon Walker Architects has been a unique landmark in the Irish architectural landscape. Entrusted with important projects commissioned by both public institutions and large private companies, our objective is, and always has been, to produce well-designed buildings of a consistently high quality. The firm’s design philosophy is to employ the most appropriate materials and contemporary construction methods, to create beautiful buildings that incorporate a balanced resolution between functionality and aesthetics.


They work on some of the largest, most complex, technical projects and also some very small ones. They are leading experts in Urban Design and Sustainability, and all people have a passion for the investigation of new construction methods and materials.

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