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English Comp I
The author discusses the issue of gun control vs. gun rights. He
states “gun rights organizations have been more successful than gun
control organizations because they have been paying off and supporting a
lot more important people than the gun control organizations.” He “that gun
rights organizations, like the National Rifle Association, have given more
than $17 million dollars in contributions to federal candidates and
political party committees since 1989, While gun control organizations have
only given $1.7 million dollars to federal candidates and political party
committees since 1989.”
The author seems to base his whole argument on how much money the gun
rights organizations, mainly the National Rifle Association, seem to give.

He really seems to focus a lot on the NRA. The author states “the NRA
wields an enormous amount of influence in Washington. The source of that
influence is money. The National Rifle Association is by far the gun rights
lobby’s biggest donor, having contributed more than $14 million dollars.”
The author, however, did not count contributions from individuals.

According to America’s First Freedom, “Globalist billionaire George Soros
is pouring perhaps as much as $30 million dollars into left-wing gun
control organizations and political party committees.” ( Norell, 37). Gun
rights organizations do give quite a bit of money
English Comp I
to different political party committees, but they are not paying anyone off
they are simply supporting the candidates that support the second

The editorial was supposed to be how gun control or gun rights will
affect the American people, but it turned into how the NRA is controlling
the battle between gun control and gun rights. The only thing that he said
that had to do with the affect on the American people is that “it will be a
key issue in the presidential election because most democrats feel that
their support of the assault weapons ban cost them control of the House and
Senate in 1994, and that the gun control issue hurt Al Gore’s standing in
key states during the 2000 presidential election.”
I think that the presidential election is important but I think that
he should have gone into more detail with things like how crime would
increase or decrease if we were to take guns out of the hands of citizens.

I think that the editorial would have been much better if he would have
gotten a few statistics from countries that have extreme gun control like
Great Britain, where not even the police have guns, or taken statistics
from the Netherlands where you are required to carry a gun if you are over
the age of 18.

Overall, the editorial had a few good points and some good pieces of
information, but I feel that his argument was a little weak. Instead of
discussing which would be better for the American people, he rambled on and
on about
English Comp I
how the NRA is like a monopoly when in comes to gun control and the second
amendment. He also lacked information on the gun control groups, he focused
mostly on the gun rights groups and their supporters.

English Comp I
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