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Guest are those people
who came in our home for the special event like, ‘Eid or the family gathering.
In Pakistan and all around the world everyone have face good guest and bad
guest. Especially in Pakistan there are some sort of guest come who came our
home for just food or to look everything. In
my life the guests that I have are foody, back bitter and good guest.

Let talk about first
foody guest. These guest are those guest that are only come on the time of
food. For example there is the event in our house in last month all the guest
arrived early in our home to meet with us but some guest are come only for
food. They arrived on the opening of the food and after eating they quickly
gone without any meeting with family. This type of guest you will see in all
kind of family.

The next guest that I
face is back bitter. This type of guest play very negative kind of role in any
family. Like I your face they are very kind to you meet with you in very good
manner but at back they exposed you with your weakness. This type of guest is
the main reason in any family to make fight with each other. This type of guest
jo ek baat yaha se waha krty hai aur ek dusry ki buriai krty hai

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The last guest I have
face in my life is very good in every manner. They meet with you in good manner
and you will get comfortable with them easily. This type of guest is not only
help you in only in good times but they will stand with you in bad times also.
They are the main reason of our family gathering and special events.

In every family relationship
there are some bad guest and some are good. Those guest which are bad in every
things are the reason of fight in the family. To avoid fight in family we
should stay away for them. Because “too
wrong does not make one right”


In our life we have so
many memoires that are stored in our brain. Picnic is one the activities that
is held time to time in our life. Picnic is held for student to get some fun as
well as some relaxation for them form studies. Three picnic that I have attended was family picnic, friend’s picnic
and school picnic.

In our vacations my
family members decided to plan the picnic with our beloved one’s. So the plan
was made and my family decided to go to sea view. All the member are gather is
our house and then we went to have a breakfast at a desi restaurant. After the
breakfast we went to the picnic spot to have some fun. At sea view we play some
games like cricket and football it was really a fun. After playing games we all
are tired and hungry as well so we decide to go to a restaurant for some food.
After the lunch we decided to go to the comb of Quaid-e-Azam for fatiha. This
picnic was so funful and enjoyable for me because we went for many places in
one day. This picnic I will always remember in my brain because give me
happiness whenever I look back.

The second picnic I will
never forgot is friend get to gather. After the finishing of our papers my
friend decided to have fun after the stressful month of paper. We decided to go
to farm house for night stay. Because it was not the family picnic so we have
to contribute some money to pay the rent for farm house as well as to arranged
food for our self. Every member contributed 2000/ for food and other things
that includes transport and etc. So to travel to farm house with having so much
fun. When we reach farm house we decided to play football. After playing
football we got hungry so we decide to eat some food. After eating food some
member went for swimming and other member going for other activities. At night
we clicks some pictures and made some memory. In morning we had a breakfast
with tea and then we decided to go back with safety. It was really a good
picnic with some great memories.

The last picnic that I
remember was a types of educational tour. The school arranged this tour for
students to get the knowledge of books. Expo central was the place where my
school arranged the tour. The main purpose of this tour was to get the
information of books that are presenting to us. This tour ends with lot of
information that are given by the teacher.

Picnics are the part of
our life some picnic made great memories and some are not. The main purpose of picnic
is to relax our self for this stressful life. 
















In last few years social
media has a very importance is our life. Social media apps made our life much easier
with the help of social medias apps you will get more information with seconds.
The technology are serval’s advantage and disadvantage but it mainly depend on
people how they used them. Social media apps includes Facebook, what’s app,
twitter and many other apps. Social media apps gives serval advantage and
disadvantage that incudes promotion of brands, freedom and blackmailing.

Talking about advantage
of social Medias apps. The first advantages of social media is that the people
of business used social media as there promoter. They promote there items
through social media apps like giving discount and giving offer to people that
will benefits there business.

The second point what I
think is very interesting. Social media apps give people a freedom to express their
opinion. Like we can take the example of many celebrities that they will announced
many shocking news of them by posting on social media apps. It also gave you
current affairs news because of people doing debate on them.

As I mention above there
is always the negative impact of technology but it mainly depends on you. Where
social media apps gives us many advantage. There are few disadvantage of social
media is also. In last few years social Medias app have been used negatively
for bad things like blackmailing, crime and bullying. Apart from these things
some people are addict to social media apps and then they are not properly concentrate
on their study and many other things. This things will get them in trouble in
many times

To summarize my argument
social Media’s apps are the part of our life and they have influence our life
very much. To get the information of anything or current affairs you will get
in within seconds. But keep sure that you will not misused these apps
negatively. The used of any negative things will always get you in trouble.

















In any develop country
there is always the fear of crime. Crime have many types. Like murder, robbing
and many other things. In recent years there is the unique style of crime has
been introduce to this society and that is street crime. Street crime is
something that is increasing day by day. In this style of crime you cannot
travel freely anywhere either you travel in day or in night. This type of crime is cause by bad governance,
low literacy and lack of jobs.

Bad governance is the
main reason of any cause of the crime. When our government is not fulfilling
need of the people so what can the person then do? If the our government is
corrupt then people of that country are force to do wrong this just like crime
and other bad things . If government is corrupt then in this country you will
you see the law is just for only poor people. To end the system of any crime government
should implement the law on the all people equally.

The second things can
cause street crime is low literacy rate of our country. If the people of any
country are uneducated then anyone then fool them easily and trap them in bad
things such as crime. In order to stop this there is the huge role of
government to educate the people by given them basic needs. If the basic needs
is fulfil by the government so the crime rate is automatically get down.

The last things that
cause crime and that includes our young generation is youth. When there is no
job for youth in any country. The youth will go towards get things to fulfil
get need and to help their home financially. Again there is the role of our
government if government is corrupt these crime will generate easily in
different styles.

To stop these kind of
crime there should be the main role of our government. But this not mean all
the fault is of government. We should also take the responsibilities of role in
the society. We should stand for our right and demand the government to take action
against these people.




















Food is the most
important things that is comes in very early age every human life. From the
start till the death food has the very vast influence. Now a days with the
increasing in population restaurant become more important in our life some
people visit restaurant for business meeting some people visit for relaxation. The restaurant that often I visit because
of the taste, quality of food and services.

Taste is the essential
part of any restaurant. To earn success in restaurant taste is the important
factor that come in everyone mind. In Pakistan or all over the world majority
of people like the restaurant because of their tasty food. The restaurant that
I often visit has a very unique taste the way they present their food is looks
so delicious. It eliminate my hunger with in the seconds and as well as relax
me from the stress

Quality of the food is
also important in restaurant. Most of the people has keen eye on the quality of
the food. The restaurant I often go has a very good quality. They purchase good
quality food with the proper pack, they organized every item in proper manner
that satisfied their every customer.

In Pakistan mostly people
judge the restaurant because of their food and taste but in other country they
judge the restaurant on their service. Service has less importance but had a
very huge influence on the performance of the restaurant. Restaurant where I go
mostly has a good service they happily take the order and the service is quick enough
to satisfy the customer.

is more important than entertainment”

Restaurant is becoming
the trend in Pakistan. To go restaurant with friend and family is good but keep
an eye on the restaurant food, quality and many other things that harm your
health as I mention earlier.

Teachers are important
part of any student’s life. From the beginning of the life there is only one
person that influence student that is teacher. In our school life we face a lot
of teacher that helps everyone to success in their life. In our society or all
around the world teacher have a lot of respect. In students life every one face
a lot of teacher some become their favorite and some are not. The teacher I face in my student life is
strict, polite and cooperative teacher.

In school life there were
always a teacher that is everyone favorite or that is like by everyone. As a
case of mine in the early life of my study there is always a polite teacher as
well as strict also. With the passage of time the level of strictness from the
teacher is increasing with time to time. There is a negative impact on our
society that the teacher who are strict is villain in the eye of the society.

After the school life in
collage life there is a lot of teacher that are polite and cooperative. Teacher
which is like by student are mostly polite because of their teaching style. In
their class the environment of class is very peaceful and funful that the most
of the student want polite teacher because they help student to express their
point of view and help them in their studies.

The last teacher which I
and some student may face is cooperative teacher. Cooperative teacher is the
best of all the teacher they motivated student to do well give solution to their
problems. Cooperative teacher is become the role model of some student. In any
successful student there is the major part of cooperative teacher.

In my student life I face
many teachers but here I mention some of are. Polite, strict and cooperative.
The motive of all the teachers to help them in their student’s life as well as
in their practical life. We should respect all the teacher either we like them
or not.

Now a day there is the
common word that is spoken or listen by an individual is called stressed.
Stressed is something that control your in different ways. In stressed some
people listen to music, some eat more food and some loss their sleep. When I feel stressed I visit park because
of relaxation, peace and its beauty.

In stressed your mood is
very bad or off you only want relaxation that’s why I often visit park I the morning.
When I go to park there is a beautiful sound of birds that give you relaxation.
You see birds flying in the sky hand to hand gives you happiness and your
stressed is automatically fade away.

The thing that I like
about the park where I often visit when I feel stressed is peaceful
environment. When I entre in the park there is only few people around jogging
and doing yoga. In the movement of stressed you only need peaceful environment
and that what I received when I entre park that environment help me to
eliminate the stress.

The last thing that I
like about the park is the atmosphere and its beauty. The smell of different
types of flowers is such mind refreshing. As I entre in the park there is a lot
of different aromas that gives you a lot of peace, relaxation and happiness.
All the things that is needed when you feel stressed.

Park is the important and
cheapest entertainment for all kind of humans. For kids for teenager and for
old aged people. As I mention about when I feel stressed I visit park because
of the peaceful environment and its beauty. But in recent years there is no
such park that people can visit the environment is also bad and the maintained
of park is also needed. We hope that government should take some action to this
issue which is becoming the cause of more issued. 

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