Guatemala, General Assembly (2016) that ensure the President’s

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                     The government of Guatemala is strongly
committed to improving accountability and transparency measures within the UN
System because both concepts are essential for the idea of democratic
governance that is extremely important to link Governments and citizens.
Accountability and transparency have also been identified by the UN Member States,
both jointly and distinctively, as part of the founding principles of public
administration and that is the reason why they must be respected and

                  The government of Guatemala
takes note of the fact that the United Nations works continuously to improve
its accountability and transparency measures starting from its foundation
document The Charter of the United
Nations (1945). It also supports the General Assembly resolutions 68/264
(2014), 69/272 (2015), 70/255 (2016), and 71/283 (2017) on “Progress towards an accountability system in
the United Nations Secretariat”. Our government also endorses the United Nations Convention against Corruption
(2003) put into place by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
to combat corruption in the Member States and establish accountability and
transparency measures in terms of financial management of governments. It also
agrees with the creation of the Code of
Ethics for the President of the General Assembly (2016) that ensure the
President’s impartial role and the establishment of the Office of Internal
Oversight Services (OIOS) that through audits, monitoring, inspections, and
evaluation helps the Secretary-General with internal accountability measures.
Guatemala is also thankful for the work of the two additional oversight bodies
that promote accountability: the Independent
Audit Advisory Committee (IAAC) and the UN
Ethics Office.
Our Country still recognizes United Nations’ external mechanisms, such as the Joint Inspection Unit of the UN System
(JIU), that allows its inspectors to evaluate the entire UN system and
affiliated organizations since “evaluation” can help enhance the ability
of stakeholders to make better decisions and assess outcomes, as the United
Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has demonstrated making
“evaluation” one of its major components.
But we would also like to focus the attention on our domestic initiatives as
the Civil Society for Accountable
Governance and Citizen Security Project, also known as “Proteciòn
Civica”: a five years project funded by U.S. Agency for International
Development (USAID) and implemented by Counterpart International in partnership
with International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), Palladium and
International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES) on the 15th of September
The project is aimed at allowing the institutional capacity of civil
organizations (COs) in Guatemala to play a direct role in dealing with citizen
safety, answerable governance, and corruption issue.

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                   President Thomson, during a panel in April
2017, stated that weak accountability and transparency measures have been the
impediment of combatting serious atrocities in some Member States. To that end,
the Government of Guatemala takes all the necessary measures to empower civil
society organizations to increase government accountability, transparency, and
anti-corruption patronage and promotes the building of a more inclusive
government to combat corruption and advance the safety and living of citizens.

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