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Gregor Samsa burrowed his way out of his social standpoint due to an inevitable cause. His entire life revolved around providing for an exploitive family. When the story begins, Kafka gives us our main character already past the point of no return. Gregor has only recently lost his humanity and his sane mind because when he wakes up a vermin in the first sentence of this book, it is a new development.

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” All the same, Gregor immediately exhibits a trait that has led him to be in this state: he accepts what has happened to him without the barest thought to change it. This is the first indicator of what sort of treatment Gregor gets on a daily basis and where it has led him. Gregor is in the habit of accepting poor situations as they are, which we see soon enough is partially from his work. His chief clerk  says, “The boy thinks about nothing but his work. It makes me almost cross the way he never goes out in the evenings; he’s been here the last eight days and has stayed at home every single evening.” Gregor frets over how he works hard at being a travelling salesman and how terrible it is to be one, utterly ignoring the fact that he is a human sized insect now. This lack of concern for his own well-being and only for his employment shows that he values his work over his life, his humanity.

While this novel does allude to his metamorphosis being a symbol of his loneliness, it seems to be much more than that. Gregor seems to unknowingly escape reality and transform into a vermin within his own mindset. The author has him talk slightly more raspy but still human like while first talking to his mother. As the scene evolves, people give up on him and he reverts back into his vermin alter ego. He is seen as distancing himself from his previous self in every way possible.

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He doesn’t like the same food or even like the same people. He believes he is a completely different person as disgusting and filthy as a vermin due to the way he had been treated his entire life. The extent of Gregor’s sanity is that it is barely present. He is incoherent and not willing to revert back to his previous self. It is not a physical metamorphosis that he goes through, it is merely a mental one.

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