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It is most evident in marginally agricultural regions. The conventional wisdom surrounding farm tourism is that it has potential for growth because of increased demand for simple, relatively inexpensive vacations by the tourist.

i. Need to supplement income for farmers in a time of agricultural restructuring.

ii. The objectives are well met in the best possible manner to go to past through museums.

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iii. To preserve them for their sense of identity.

iv. To bridge the gap between urban and rural areas.

v. By making a model village, utensils, farms, clothing, display of villages to promote farm tourism.

The government has twin objectives for developing rural tourism:

i. To offer a diversified product to the saturated tourist,

ii. To ensure socio-economic development of the specific area.

Nevertheless, rural tourism development is bound ultimately to bring about unfavourable and undesirable changes in the environment and quality of life of local community if developed thoughtlessly and in isolation being viewed simply as a part of the economic development strategy.

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