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Greeks are so nice and polite in my opinion. That could be caused by something could have happened in the past. Let us move forward to  Ancient Greece and investigate their beliefs.   Their religion was unique in relation to some other religion since they had confidence in many gods. Comparing to Christian, they believe in just a single God and his child Jesus Christ.   In any case, we all know that according to the Bible, God made the world which included people, creature, water, air, trees, earth and so on in our reality existed the great and the bad. Interestingly as indicated by the old Greeks they have faith in numerous gods, for example, lord of the earth, water, love, insight, heaven and so forth which is fundamentally a similar thing however they accept diverse divine beings were accountable for each and every protest in the earth and the Christians accept just a single god is responsible for everything.  Allows simply center in the Ancient Greeks religion, in who they believe, what was their names, what was the connection amongst people and gods, where they rehearse their convictions, and what happens to them when they die? The names of the gods were Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Athena and others and each one had their own thing to do and their own duties. They had Gods for each  of nature and for each condition or dynamic idea, and they were in charge of properly venerating each in order to avoid the anger of any god or goddess that might feel insulted. They believed that if you were a good person and accomplished good things it was because the god did that to you, but if you were a bad person with no morals that was your fault.To antiquated people groups, myths were not simply engaging stories, but rather part of their religion. Individuals prayed to the gods  and attempted to carry on in ways that they thought would satisfy the gods, for example, holding celebrations to pay tribute to their gods, or offering creature penances to them. In early circumstances people did not have the logical learning we have today. For example, if a river flooded its banks, they thought an evil or angry god caused the disaster. People did not understand the idea of how nature’s ways are. So they came up with the idea of gods and told myths to explain natural happenings. Accordingly , the ancient Greeks were also affraid of the gods and had so much respect for them. Therefore, this is why the Greeks to be respectful of each other because one could not be certain if another was human or a god.

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